French Girls Love This Quirky, Color-Filled Concept Shop

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The French have a knack for redefining even the most mundane things in a way that make them feel almost unattainably chic. Take, for example, dried florals. What were previously regarded as just dead flowers headed for the compost bin now have a permanent spot as one of the year’s biggest trends. And while there’s no definite way to prove the French influence on this, the fact that dried florals play such a key part in the decor of our favorite Parisian It girls’ homes (who are rapidly becoming among the most visible Instagram influencers) can’t just be a coincidence. So when we discover something new that has the French seal of approval, we pay attention. Today, that something new is a colorful, contemporary concept shop called Cool Machine.


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Aside from the name, it really is just that: Page after page of the coolest decor, handpicked by the store’s owners from mostly European brands. You’ll find shell ceramics from up-and-coming Spanish brand Los Objetos Decorativos, abstract-printed rugs from Copenhagen’s Posé Posê, and neon-hued lamps from Polish design studio UAU Project.

The concept shop was started in 2015 by cofounders Hélène Rebelo and Edouard Beauget as a result of wanting to blend their varied interests and styles into one. There is a limited selection of vintage goods, which offers a more retro style than the contemporary section. With the mix of sculptural silhouettes and simple yet punchy colors—the combination of which is seemingly made for Instagram—it’s no wonder that Cool Machine is such a hit with the equally cool Parisian crowd. And it’s high time more people knew about this fun boutique because, yes, it ships to the US.


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It was hard (seriously, really hard) to narrow down the beautiful array of products to one succinct edit, but if you, too, are overwhelmed by choice, here are some of our favorites from Cool Machine’s online store. You’ll be one step closer to living your best life as an aspirational 4th Arrondissement–dwelling Parisian.

Complementary colors have never looked so good. Vivid orange and green make for stunning visual contrast, all neatly packaged into one mod lamp meant to resemble a flashlight. It’s made from plastic, but since it’s 100 percent biodegradable, you can put your conscience at ease.

Get in on the earthy terra-cotta trend with the multifunctional ceramic piece your mantel has been dreaming of. Part candlestick holder, part vase, this hand-painted item is a small yet intricate accent piece that feels both current and timeless.

If you’re not an hors d’oeuvres person, this cobalt blue dish may convince you otherwise. It’s the perfect size for serving a number of dips, each of which will look exponentially more striking when served in this two-tone bowl.

From Cold Picnic to Slowdown Studio, abstract rugs are having a moment. The irregular silhouette of this particular one makes it unique, plus, how gorgeous is the color combination of blues and pinks?

If you think you’ve been seeing these ceramic seashells everywhere, you’re not wrong. The shells, by Spanish studio Los Objetos Decorativos, are rapidly shaping up to be the trendiest ceramic of 2019. We’re loving this Millennial Pink version. It’s the perfect size for your jewelry collection.

The two-tone trend appears to be alive and well chez Cool Machine. Paired with slick silhouettes and poppy colors, as is the case with this vase, it’s perfectly suited to a colorful minimalist design mentality.  

Decor isn’t the only noteworthy thing about Cool Machine, and while the array of fun vases and modern light fixtures is definitely the draw, the collection of sculptural, oversize earrings is not to be missed. Topping our wish list are these ceramic (!!) earrings. It’ll be like wearing your favorite vase.

This set of tiny square-shaped cups may just inspire you to kick-start an afternoon espresso habit, a la française.

Primary colors pack quite the visual punch, so if you’ve been workshopping ways to add interest to your neutral interiors, a bright red vase may just be the ticket. Go tonal with flowers in shades of red, pink, or orange or opt for juxtaposition with a simple white bouquet.

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