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My family has a thing for salt and pepper grinders. Every other holiday or birthday, someone gets gifted a set with fancy bells and whistles: One is motorized, another has a built-in flashlight or a fancy brand name like Peugeot or Le Creuset. In reality, we care less about the utilitarian aspect and more about having beautiful objects to set on the table with dinner. Inevitably, though, they often break down after a couple of years and are swiftly replaced by another high-tech option.

So instead, I’ve been carrying the same plastic Home Goods set from apartment to apartment, until one finally cracked. Then I resorted to a disposable grocery store version for the following couple of years. That’s until I was gifted a set from the Danish brand Vipp. (The family-owned company has a loyal following in Europe, and its first product, a pedal bin, is in the permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, but Stateside, Vipp is still relatively unknown.)

I was told the tools are a true delight. And are they ever. The swivel top, which is meant to mimic the refined sound of a Franz Jaeger safe, has an adjustable ceramic grinder that feels as smooth as a watch dial. At $229, the duo is an investment (much like Zalto wineglasses). But Vipp makes adding pepper to a stir-fry feel like a mini ASMR session. And twisting and dusting salt over a fresh spring salad is so soothing it’s almost like a mini meditation session. 

Not to mention, unlike $10 throwaway alternatives, these won’t ever need to be upgraded (and with their 20-year warranty, they’re better for the landfill). Just be careful not to overseason. Trust me, it’s tempting.

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Salt and Pepper Mills, Vipp ($229)

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