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Love a strong stripe but can’t stand chintz? Where and when you grew up can have a lasting impact on your sense of style: the patterns you gravitate toward, the silhouettes you prefer, how much stuff you surround yourself with. If you really want to get to know your design aesthetic better, look no further than the IKEA catalog that came out the year you were born. 

The Swedish retailer has released its full collection of brochures online through its museum’s digital archive, going back to the very first one that was released in 1950. It’s easy to get lost in 70 years’ worth of cool furniture, from the low sofas of the ’70s to the chunky wood built-ins that were popular in the ’80s to the sleek white living rooms of the 2000s we now associate with Scandi design. 

Leaf through the pages if you want a solid lesson in the history of decorating, or jump to the brochure that speaks to you. Nineties babies will find comfort in cozy, layered spaces, while those born in the ’60s will discover a few bright ideas for mastering an open floor plan. What does the IKEA catalog cover from your birth year say about you? Check out the full assortment here

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