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Remember when it was “the new big thing” to sit on a medicine ball instead of a real chair? In the pre-standing desk era, we were all hungry for those health benefits (aka better posture and promises of a “tighter core”). Well, we have good news. It’s about to be cool again. And this time, aesthetically pleasing. No more of that blue plastic-y stuff—all thanks to Venn Design.

Three years ago, Tyler Benner set out to make a cover for exercise balls that would not only make them better looking, so they could effortlessly fit into the design of your modern home, but also to make the experience of sitting on them more pleasant. He effectively replaced the old cold, squishy plastic feeling with the Venn Design cover. Your Venn Design chair comes with added foam and an air cushion (that you pump after receiving!)—and, of course, a cover made with Pendleton wool or other upholstery grade textiles.

So, if you think about it, Venn Design’s spherical chairs are kind of like a medicine ball-pouf hybrid, but WAY better. They’re great for areas with flexible seating and still provides the experience of sitting on a medicine ball, which requires mindfully engaging with your body—instead of simply plopping it down on a hard (or plush) surface.

The Venn Design website reads, “The spherical, upholstered chair that improves your body, mind, and spirit,” which sounds like a sitting experience we are interested in having.

To learn more and shop Venn Design spherical, upholstered chairs, visit VennDesign.co.