Why We’re Falling Hard for This New Pop-Up

Jayson Home’s NYC brick-and-mortar personifies cozy chic.

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Chicago-based Jayson Home is a mecca for vintage and modern furniture alike, with a serious focuses on the unique. “Our customers have come to rely on Jayson Home as a resource for furniture and accessories you can’t find anywhere else,” says Devin Kirk, vice president of merchandising. And it shows: The carefully curated website offers everything from uniquely upholstered chairs to gorgeous vintage mirrors.

So, naturally, those of us residing on the East Coast couldn’t have been more excited when Jayson Home announced an NYC pop-up in Soho, slated to run through June 2017. The vibe is wonderfully kitschy, with pops of color intertwined with more modern, classic finds.

Case in point? A beige sofa comes alive with colorful patterned throws in one area, while another section boasts

vintage rugs

placed next to a modern seating area. The 5,500-square-foot Soho outpost features two floors and high ceilings, allowing plenty of room for one’s imagination to run wild—while still remaining effortless, of course.

Kirk explains, “Ultimately it’s all about the mix. We love beautiful old things and well-made new things that will just get better with time. This classic Soho space really showcases all those pretty pieces so well, because we group items into loose stories— think entertaining, bath, a vintage rug den, and even a little flower shop. It lets people wander and find what most draws their own eye.”

Speaking of the flower section, it includes both a seating area and lush flowers combined with a bohemian rug and canoe attached to the wall. With such interesting design choices, it’s no wonder that we had to sit down with Kirk and creative director and co-founder Caroline Scheeler to discover the inspiration behind the entire space.

What would you describe as the theme of the brand, and how did you incorporate that into the store?

CS: I think if there is a common thread in our brand, it’s a healthy respect for individual authenticity. We don’t sell room sets, and we are definitely not afraid to mash up all kinds of styles. We bring in things that we love, with the confidence that our oh-so-savvy customers will know exactly what to do with them—even if it’s something like a vintage sectional in a fabric that’s not ‘for everyone.’

How did you choose the space?


I think we’ve looked at every space south of 23rd street over the last year alone, so I guess we’re tough customers! But we fell in love with this charming cobblestone stretch of Greene Street, and the space itself checked all our boxes.


It was perfect—high ceilings and a really pretty cast iron façade. And the skylights at the back of the store offer a lovely, glowy light quality all day long.

What design elements are you most proud of?


: The vintage French birdcage with the little family of finches we adopted is pretty sweet. And it’s a simple one, but painting everything white in the lower level—floors, columns, and all—was a dramatic transformation. It’s the perfect backdrop for our sublime hand-picked collection of vintage rugs.


As with all that we do, we tried to create a multi-sensory experience—one that transports our customers a bit—but not so much that they can’t see our merchandise fitting into their own little world.

Could you name some of the décor items you’re most proud of that you’ve incorporated in the store?

DK: We went on a long buying trip to France and Spain this summer and found such good vintage chairs, so I love that we have spots for all of them in the store. The Drake Sofa also looks good in this classic loft environment. We did this sofa a few years ago, not really thinking it would sell, but knowing it would be a fun place for guys to hang out while their spouses shopped for our more sensible offerings. Happily, we were wrong, and it has become one of our all-time best sellers. And our Birds in Flight [shown above] are a fun nod to the little finch family living in our vintage birdcage. They’re such an affordable way to add drama to a blank wall.


And I think our selection of vintage rugs is really special. That’s frankly one of my favorite categories that we carry. We hand-pick each piece, and they add such a rich layer to the otherwise white space.

Jayson Home’s New York pop-up is now open seven days a week, from 11am to 7pm, at 138 Greene Street in Soho—and they’re offering a 20 percent off Black Friday deal.

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