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text by SHANI SILVER photography by NICK JOHNSON  styling by KAPITO MULLER

Nothing makes us happier than a new design project. From the initial inspiration, to seeing the vision take shape, composing a beautiful living space is our idea of a great day at the office. Our most recent project took us to the newly modernized, historic Chatsworth building on New York City’s Upper West Side. Here, we’ll take you through the design process for a completely renovated space that came together as an inspired family home. The four bedroom, 2928 square foot apartment was a blank canvas. We were asked by the building’s sponsor, HFZ Capital Group, and the developers at Corcoran Sunshine, to create a domino-inspired model apartment that was beautifully designed for a growing NYC family. We enlisted the help of our friends Kapito Muller to turn this space into something special, and in just eight weeks at that! Read on to find out how they made it happen.

PAINT Farrow & Ball   WINDOW TREATMENTS Smith & Noble   CUSTOM SOFA Avery Boardman, upholstered in Duralee fabric   RUG Stark   LIGHTING Circa Lighting ARTWORK  Kapito Muller SIDE TABLES Bernhardt STONE SIDE TABLES AND TABLE LAMPS Flair COCKTAIL TABLE Global Views SIDE CHAIRS Crate & Barrel

THIS SPACE IS VERY SUBSTANTIAL. HOW DO YOU BEGIN THE PROCESS OF STYLING A SPACE OF THIS SIZE? Like any project, no matter what the size, we start designing a space based on the needs of the client and what the apartment is giving us. For example, we take into consideration if the apartment is prewar or more modern, has high ceilings or low ceilings, has great natural light or is facing an air shaft etc. We like to think about how we can enhance the space’s best attributes and play down any negatives. This project had great natural light and tons of windows so we wanted to create a space that was beautiful and elegant but wasn’t distracting from the views.

SIDE TABLE Bernhardt   BOOKS Abrams and Rizzoli


WHAT WERE YOUR GOALS FOR THIS SPACE? The residence is a model unit so the design vision was to make it relatable to a lot of people, nothing too stylized or too funky. We focused on a palette of neutrals and great textures which lots of people respond to, and then we brought it to life with some really cool artwork.


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DINING TABLE Williams-Sonoma   DINING CHAIRS Control Brand   ARTWORKUntitled by

Mary Nelson Sinclair

, Voltz Clarke Gallery WINDOW TREATMENTSSmith & Noble PEDESTAL RH CHANDELIER Circa Lighting

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE MEMORY OF STYLING THIS SPACE? Just working with all the great people! We’re used to having one or two clients per project, but here we got to collaborate with whole teams of people. There was a lot of good vibes all around, and everyone had a really great time working on it.

PENDANTS Workstead Lighting   COUNTER STOOLS CB2, upholstered in Duralee fabric


ARE THERE ELEMENTS OF YOUR SIGNATURE STYLE PRESENT HERE? Yes definitely. We work primarily with neutrals and textures and like to add interest with artwork, specialty finishes, lighting, and accessories.

CUSTOM BED Avery Boardman, upholstered in Duralee fabric   WALLPAPER Thibaut BEDDINGSerena & Lily NIGHT STANDS West Elm TABLE LAMP Circa Lighting ARTWORK Williams-Sonoma  RUG Stark

WHAT STYLING COMPONENT FROM THIS PROJECT SHOULD READERS TRY FOR THEMSELVES AT HOME? In the living room we used a series of artworks instead of one big piece. We thought it was a little more visually exciting and gave us the ability to fill a lot of wall space without having to use something massive.

CLOSETS His and her Custom Closets by California Closets CLOTHING Theory,  from their women’s and men’s collection

WHAT COMPONENT OF THIS PROJECT ARE YOU MOST PLEASED WITH? The master bedroom is heaven! It’s so calm and peaceful and so spacious for a city apartment. We imagine you’d get a really good nights sleep in that bed! We also adore the rug we used, it has a great pattern so it gives a big impact but it’s tone on tone so it doesn’t overpower the room.

WALLPAPER Farrow & Ball

WHAT IS THE BEST DECOR ADVICE YOU’VE EVER BEEN GIVEN? Measure twice. You only need to make that mistake once to never do it again!

CUSTOM DAYBED Avery Boardman, upholstered in Duralee fabric   PAINT Farrow & Ball ARTWORK Natural Curiosities SIDE TABLES, STOOL   Serena & Lily RUGStark TABLE LAMP Visual Comfort for Circa Lighting CEILING FIXTURE West ElmCHAIR Mecox ARTWORK Natural Curiosities TABLE LAMP Christopher Spitzmiller


WHAT DECOR ADVICE DO YOU CONSISTENTLY GIVE TO OTHERS? Try finishes that are just a bit warmer for a more luxe feel. We always convince our clients to buy ivory sheets instead of white, and when picking metal finishes we always choose nickel over chrome.

CUSTOM BED Avery Boardman, upholstered in Duralee fabric   PAINT Farrow & Ball  ARTWORK Natural Curiosities  SIDE TABLES, BEDDING Serena & Lily RUG Stark  SWING LAMPS OneFortyThree

WHAT IS THE ABSOLUTE BEST PART OF YOUR JOB? Seeing it all come together at the end of an install. There isn’t a better feeling and it gets us every time!

WINDOW TREATMENTS Smith & Noble CHAIR Mecox   DESK Stilnovo LAMPARTWORK Natural Curiosities LAMP Concrete Shop West

For more information about The Chatsworth, go to thechatsworth.com or call 212-877-7272.


SPECIAL THANKS TO: HFZ Capital Group Corcoran Sunshine Farrow & Ball California Closets Thibaut Duralee Avery Boardman Serena & Lily Abrams Rizzoli Smith & Noble STARK Circa Lighting Theory Natural Curiosities  Vietri Voltz Clarke Gallery Illy Caffe