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by Liz Thompson

We all need a spot to get our face on. No proper vanity space? No problem. Learn how to carve out a place to primp in any little niche.

Dresser to dressing table

A dresser is a bedroom staple. It is also the perfect nook to build a small vanity. A pretty tray keeps essentials at the ready and easily movable. Lean or hang a mirror and you are set.

Double-duty desk

Only have room for either a desk or a vanity? You can have both! Keep makeup and grooming items in convenient containers that can be stowed in a drawer. Goes from business to beauty at a moment’s notice.

Built-in beauty

Tons of space is not a must when setting up a vanity. Any little alcove will do. A functional built in with drawer is an ideal way to invent a get ready spot. Add a pendant light and mirror…cutest primping area ever!

Hanging station

Setting up a vanity doesn’t have to be pricey. Have a bit of extra wall space? Enlist the help of an

affordable Ikea

wall unit. Top with a slim shelf to hold a mirror or smaller items.

Mobile makeup

No one said a vanity has to be the traditional table and chair. Display beauty articles on shelves in attractive containers. Everything you need at your fingertips. Rollers make it easy to stash your stuff when needed.

Simple primping

Talk about minimalism. Sink and vanity go double duty in streamlined style. It doesn’t get more convenient (or space savvy) than this.

Bedside brush up

Nightstands hold books, alarm clock…makeup tray? Yes! Position a small table by your bed that doubles as a vanity. Add an unassuming chair or stool, hang a mirror, and you are as good as ready.

The “manity”

Use a handsome tray to corral your guy’s daily use items, like hair care, facial products, beard essentials, and scents. Stow on a desk or dresser for easy accessibility.