Published on January 14, 2016

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Photography by @mysassylife_

by Bailey Swilley

February 14th is a month away, giving you plenty of time to handpick gifts for your favorite gals! 

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Photography by BRIKA

assorted bath affirmations by BRIKA, $59.99

This bath set makes soaking in the tub a luxurious experience. Gift these to your most spiritual friend who could use a little pampering.

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Photography by tops malibu

big golden sparkle wands in “LOVE” by tops malibu, $28.99

Your Galentine host deserves something special. Gift these wands for the ultimate girls-only gathering. 

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Photography by west elm

bodum copper french press (8 cup) , $48.00

The brew-lover in your life deserves to press her coffee in style. Hook her up!

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Photography by areaware

white flask bracelet by areaware, $34.99

Know a whiskey chick? Let her carry her bourbon in style with a chic booze-hiding bangle. 

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Photography by Katie Kime

breakfast at tiffany’s stationery by katie kime, $47.99

If you’ve got a girlfriend with impeccable penmanship, show her your appreciation for her handwritten notes with lovely monogrammed cards. 

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Photography by BRIKA

lip balm diy kit by BRIKA , $39.99

Friends with a crafty broad? Give her the gift of DIY and soft lips. 

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Photography by HABIT

nail polish in “27 camp” by HABIT, $17.99

Because there’s no one else you’d rather paint your nails and watch Bravo with…

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Photography by artfully walls

juicy lips by artfully walls, $122.49

Give to your pal who always drags you out of the house to various cultural events (that you end up loving).

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Photography by kate spade new york

kate spade new york eat cake mug, $19.99

Give this to your workout bud who also happens to be your post-workout donut bud. 

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Photography by kate spade new york

kate spade new york juno 2-piece bar set, red/pink, $49.99

Gift this to the chick who always invites you over for The Bachelor and a bottle of red. 

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Photography by Vietri

lastra red heart dish by vietri, $39.99

Remind someone special, like your sister, that you’re thinking of her with this gorgeous plate that she can use to display snacks, candles, or jewelry!

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Photography by lp style llc

lips pillow by lp style llc, $74.99

Here’s a friendly kiss your bestie can keep in her space year-round. 

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Photography by Chronicle Books

outfit a day by chronicle books, $14.99

Budding stylists, fashion bloggers, or designers will love this planner. It also works for the friend with a wardrobe comparable to Cher Horowitz’s.

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Photography by bing bang jewelry

smiley face studs by bing bang jewelry, $47.99

Give these ear emojis to the kween who can’t put down Snapchat. She’ll be in <3 <3 <3.

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Photography by Murchison-Hume

soy-blend candle in gooseberry by murchison hume, $32.99

This fruity scent and old school silhouette portrait is a great gift for the most elegant lady in your life. 

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Photography by Venessa Arizaga

te quiero bracelet by venessa arizaga, $54.99

Friendship bracelets are not just for camp anymore. You and your bestie can wear them proudly. 

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Photography by Wind & Willow Home

neon pink dipped wooden candle holders (set of 4) by wind & willow home, $15.99

Know a woman whose apartment is always dressed to the nines? These are for her.