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We never expected the Flintstone household to become so influential and, yet, here we are in 2020 and chubby, boulder-esque furniture is still leading the trends. Kelly Wearstler was one of the first big-name designers to jump on the chunky silhouette train (her latest launch includes a white resin credenza that looks like it belonged to Fred himself), and now, Urban Outfitters has revealed its take on all things Stone Age. The brand dropped more than 70 new items on its site today as a part of its spring launch, and the Isobel collection is easily the star. 

Loosely inspired by Mediterranean design, the assortment features a whole lot of white, as well as sculptural forms. Isobel falls under the company’s “Serene Space” line, which has strong bohemian beach vibes, but it’s so much more than natural textures and arched details. These four pieces caught our immediate attention.  

The Bookcase

Isobel Bookshelf, Urban Outfitters ($700)

From Simon Porte Jacquemus’s Oursin restaurant in Paris to the newly opened Sonia Boyajian jewelry store in Los Angeles, we’ve been seeing recessed niches everywhere. While you can build these types of walls yourself (there’s a lot of drywalling and drilling involved in the process), it’s a whole lot easier (and less expensive) to buy a piece of furniture that only looks like it was carved by hand. 


The Coffee Table

Isobel Coffee Table, Urban Outfitters ($330)

This brick-patterned base looks like a natural rock formation, but the truth is that it’s made out of concrete. Each one is made to order, so no matter what, it’ll feel unique in your space.  

The Sofa

Isobel Sofa, Urban Outfitters ($1,200)

Featuring a trio of playful round accent pillows and a robust frame, this isn’t your typical fluffy white sofa. 

The Wall Cubby

Isobel Concrete Wall Shelf, Urban Outfitters ($150)

Shells from the seashore, dried palm fronds, quirky-cool vases—the mini version of the Isobel bookcase, with its perfectly imperfect edges, is the ideal match for your bits and bobs. Hunter-gatherers, take note.

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