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We’d be friends. How many times have you said that about a totally relatable and really funny character on your favorite TV show? We get it. Here are the girlfriends we’d want to hang out with Friday night…or any night.

LESLIE KNOPE from ‘Parks & Rec’

When it comes to a friend that would move mountains for you, just vote Knope. Not only is her unabashed cheeriness just what we need on a gloomy day, but she’ll never ever forget a special friend anniversary, as evidenced by her unwavering commitment to her very own best friend. Besides, don’t we all not-so-secretly want to be Ann Perkins?

LORELAI GILMORE from ‘Gilmore Girls

The ultimate anti-smother Mother, Lorelei is the best friend and maternal figure we all look up to. She’s the perfect woman to invite to a gabfest since she talks at a rapid pace and can come up with a one-liner that would put Jimmy Fallon to shame.

AMBER HOLT from ‘Parenthood

A little bit of a bad influence, sure, but above all else, Amber has a heart of gold. She’s good to her younger brother, is never afraid to have a good sob and rubs elbows with very cute musicians for work. Plus, with Amber in our court, we could get an invite to a Braverman dinner!

OLIVIA POPE from ‘Scandal

A dream evening with Olivia (or Liv if you’re her BFF) consists of indulging in a glass of expensive red wine, sharing a giant bowl of popcorn and nabbing one of her hand-me-down power suits. It isn’t just her taste in the finer things that we love, but her devotion to her fellow gladiators that really resonates. If we ever need a lady-in-shining-armor, Olivia would be it.

ELLYN WARREN from ‘Thirtysomething

Thirtysomething was the show every thirtysomething watched in the late 80’s. (If you haven’t streamed it on Hulu yet, you’re missing out!) Ellyn is the friend that puts career first, but loves playing with your baby. She’s quick to get scared out of a serious relationship, but loves hanging out with you and your partner. She’s the epitome of the every girl and proves to us that acid wash jeans are still a great idea.

VERONICA MARS from ‘Veronica Mars

You can’t find your wallet again. You’re dying to know if that bank teller you have a crush on is taken. Everyone needs a friend with solid sleuthing skills and Veronica is your go-to girl when you need answers.

LADY EDITH from ‘Downton Abbey’

It’s obvious this girl can keep a secret. Even though she and her sister don’t always see eye to eye, when it comes right down to it, she’d sleep in the servant quarters if it meant helping a friend out. Plus, we’re convinced her ladylike manners are bound to rub off.

ELENA TYLER from ‘Felicity

What’s not to love about having a truly brilliant friend? She’s the one you want on your team at the local pubs trivia night, not just because you know you’ll win, but because you admire brainy babes. Elena never downplayed her smarts to her gal pals, and why should she? Just imagine how crazy a sleepover filled with Scrabble matches would be.


We can’t just pick one of these New York besties. The beauty of this group is that they all represent a friend we need. The practical one that gives great advice (Miranda), the friend that will urge you to spill all the gory details of your latest date (Sam), the companion that will never tire talking about what your future weddings will be like (Char) and the pal that will always let you borrow her shoes (Carrie).