14 books every twentysomething should reread from childhood

This is a tribute to the forgotten books from your childhood.

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This is a tribute to the wondeful yet forgotten books from your childhood

Holden seeks belonging and understanding in an unsettling search for himself. His path was so relatable at the time (who wasn’t an angsty teen?), yet now looking back, we know it will get better.

Anything is possible, if you just believe. Alice taught us to stop taking life so seriously, let yourself dream, and chase the white rabbit.

Anarchy. Death. Betrayal. Adult topics. Children’s behavior. Curious to see the roles reversed. Which side are you?

In a time of injustice, Atticus Finch leads children Scout and Jem to uncover the truth and to see a person for who they really are. Boo Radley, we mean you.

Learn about selfless love through the relationship between the boy and the tree. Sometimes you have to give up everything for another.

Pippi is invincible: she can pick up Mr. Nilsson (her pet horse) with one hand, and defeat the cowardly robbers, all the while remaining fearless and confident. Try doing the same.

Travel down the Mississippi River with Huck Finn and his pal Jim in search of freedom or hope, whichever comes first…

The first book of its time to explore a woman’s identity, Little Women follows Meg, Jo, Beth, & Amy through innocence, love, and death.

What girl didn’t dream of living in the Plaza Hotel? Eloise had the life we coveted: no rules, chores, school, or structure. Plus, room service for every meal.

Nancy was the smartest sleuth we all loved to follow – from solving the Secret of the Old Clock to the Secret of the Red Gate Farm. Move over, Hardy Boys.

Running from the banalities of home life (and his disgusting vegetables), Max creates for himself the ultimate role: King of the Wild Things. Now, bow down.

X marks the spot. Play pirate and escape the office for the ultimate adventure. The treasure awaits. All aboard!

Daisy, Daisy, Daisy. One of the most iconic books of all time prompts themes of love, loss, betrayal, and deceit. How can something so glamorous be so very, very dark? We need a drink.

Dickens presents an interesting troupe of characters: from decrepit Miss Havisham and Joe the Blacksmith, to young Pip. Watch Pip overcome evil and win the heart of his beloved. All in a day’s work.