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Life is all about adventure, and what’s adventure without quirk? We have some ideas on how to spend your time before turning the big 3-0.


If the ultimate city girl Carrie Bradshaw can trapeze in ‘Sex and the City’, you can, too. It may be impossible to fathom the idea that you can let go of your inhibitions while swinging freely through the air, but clarity and adventure come when you let go (literally).

go to a cat café

If you like your feline friends as much as you like your caffeine buzz, a cat café will be nothing short of a heaven. Drink a cappuccino surrounded by a cat (or five). A purr-fect activity for a Saturday.

storm chase

Head over to Tornado Alley late in the summer and look Mother Nature straight in the eye. It’s a risky activity, but certainly, it’s an adventure that will give you an adrenaline rush like no other.

take a miming class

It’s one of the most ancient forms of theater and your next form of entertainment. Miming is an art, and with this skill under your belt, you’re sure to win your next game of charades.

do it for the vine

While this phenomenon began as a way to prompt someone to do a dare on camera, it’s quickly turned into the most hysterical form of social video. You only have six seconds to make your video count, so prepare yourself for endless hilarity and fun.

buy your favorite arcade game

Among the many lessons we learned from Friends, we’ve realized that we’re all children at heart. Phoebe helps bring out Chandler and Monica’s inner child when she gives them a vintage Ms. Pac-Man machine as a wedding gift. Buy your favorite arcade game and play until your hand freezes into a claw shape like Chandler’s.