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Design Miami has come and gone, and with it, we’ve seen our fair share of design inspo for the coming year. While looking through the highlights, one piece, in particular,  stands out to us: A gorgeous soft pink velvet sofa, courtesy of New York City–based Todd Merrill Studio. If you’re looking for an investment piece to kick off the New Year, we recommend starting with this.

The Sugar Bowl Settee (an “inquire for price” kind of investment piece) is a tale of two eras. Equally inspired by the Art Deco movement of the 1920s and the chunky statement seating of the 1970s, the settee is both a nod to the past and perfectly in line with 21st-century style.


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“I see so much box seating—I wanted curves and real shape,” explains Merrill. “The sofas are literally shaped like elegant bowls but with a race track interior.”

Launched after the studio’s golden-hued Race Track sofa, which premiered last year and features a similar tufted design, the settee is already enjoying immense popularity. If you went on Instagram at all during Design Miami week, chances are you saw the pastel piece emblazoned on pretty much every feed—it was a clear standout among tons of great new products.

This is because the sofa perfectly encapsulates almost every living room trend we’ve seen in recent months; it’s the amalgamation of microtrends as well as a few overarching themes. And why should you settle for just one trend when you can dip your toe into several at once?

First, there’s the color. Not to sound repetitive, but pink sofas (in every shade) continue to be a popular way to infuse pops of color into the living room. Velvet fabric and brass hardware make for a modern combination that never fails to wow. We’re seeing curved sofas replace minimal, sharp-edged designs and enjoying the resurgence of sunken living rooms—and with the deep seating, the two halves of the settee almost create a seamless conversation pit when paired together.

Taken together, every element of the sofa speaks to the pervasiveness of the 1970s movement we’re seeing right now in design. It’s retro, but it’s reimagined in a cool and contemporary way.

This is why the settee also happens to be the perfect versatile living room accessory. “The sofas work perfectly in any contemporary setting, but they also mix well with classical antiques, Art Deco, and 20th-century modern,” says Merrill. “They hit all the bases.”

If you want to bring this settee home with you, keep it as the focal point of your space against a neutral, clean backdrop to enjoy a minimalist sensibility or try your hand at color-blocking—tonal burgundies and oranges would look gorgeous with this pale blush—for a more saturated look.

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