dream job: where theory’s creative director finds inspiration

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text by   SHANI SILVER

There’s a lot more to a dream job than simply how to get one. Growing professionally, at every level, is what really motivates us, especially when we start talking design. We’ve got a hunch that learning more about the creative processes of those with professional prowess will teach us a new #lifegoal or two. To that end, we caught up with Lisa Kulson, Theory’s Creative Director of Womenswear, to learn more about how someone with such a dream job seeks out inspiration, and finds it. Better still, she’s sharing Fall trend secrets, and ideas for bringing them into our interior design plans this year.

WHAT DO YOU SEE AS THE MOST EXCITING PART OF YOUR ROLE AS CREATIVE DIRECTOR? The most exciting part of my role as Creative Director is the opportunity to think about what the Theory woman wants each season, and to evolve the Collection to meet those needs. I am constantly looking at my own wardrobe and discovering those essential and emotional items in order to determine what I can include in the Collection.

DO YOU HAVE SOURCES OF INSPIRATION THAT YOU REFER TO SEASON AFTER SEASON, OR DO YOU SEEK OUT NEW SOURCES EACH TIME? I love gathering inspiration from other people, what is being worn on the street and when I am traveling. I also look at artists, exhibitions, and interiors, specifically the work of Axel Vervoordt. His use of color to enhance neutral palettes had a huge influence on the way I introduced color into the Fall/Winter 2016 Collection.

DESCRIBE THE PRIMARY TRENDS OUR READERS CAN EXPECT TO SEE THEORY EMBARKING ON THIS FALL. The biggest statement for Fall is color. There is a new level of color for Theory, which I think is very exciting and relevant for now. There are also more prints, specifically romantic florals which complement the modern shapes in the Collection.

HOW DO YOU THINK THOSE TRENDS COULD CARRY OVER INTO THE WAY WE APPROACH DECOR WHEN FALL ARRIVES? Just like in the Fall/Winter collection, strong color accents are a great way to update interiors right now. I always gravitate to a neutral interior because I find it timeless and relaxing to live with, but I love introducing accents of color in both strong and soft shades. Color can be presented in a statement piece of furniture, in pillows or throws. I also love introducing different textures in the home, which is something I am always looking at with fabrics for the Collection. It is wonderful to have a juxtaposition of the more natural and organic feeling textiles with more modern and technical fabrics.

HOW, IF AT ALL, DOES YOUR APPROACH TO DESIGN AT THEORY IMPACT THE WAY YOU EXPRESS YOUR PERSONAL STYLE AT HOME? My approach to design is similar to my style at home in that I always look to base an interior around a statement essential piece, like a great sofa or coffee table. You can build a room around a favorite piece of furniture just as you can build a look around a favorite coat or a statement pant. Like my design, I begin with a palette of neutrals in my home and use color as an accent. It is modern and timeless.