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With New York Fashion Week in full swing, I can’t help but pair each beautiful outfit I see with a room that has caught my eye on Pinterest, in a shelter mag, or on Instagram. The two creative fields are helplessly intertwined. Fashion and interiors are both all about color, fabric, texture, lines, and style.

See the slideshow to enjoy how fashion and interior pairings influence and echo each other in beautiful harmony!

Sweater image via Wantable

Often the trends in fashion reflect those in interiors and vice versa. And of course, the “classics” are timeless when it comes to interiors and clothes. Take for example the refined taste of crisp whites with soft blues—the color combination boasts elegance and refined style.

Tailored button-down image via They All Hate Us

Striped wallpaper image via Architectural Design

I’ve noticed my decorating schemes usually echo my fashion choices. When it comes to my interiors and my outfits, I love layering neutrals and then introducing pops of color (whether its through a scarf or a pillow) for some personality and fun.

Street style image via Tumblr

Interiors image via Pretty Stuff on Tumblr

Monochromatic shades of navy and white make for a timeless and structured aesthetic. Add in accents of gold to create a refined, sleek look.

Navy outfit image via Pinterest

Kitchen image via Decor Pad

Playful patterns add a trendy element to your ensemble while giving eye-catching appeal to your space.

Zebra scarf image via fab.com

Zebra wallpaper image via popsugar

Ultra-feminine paisley prints give a fresh, pulled-together look to your style (fashion or interiors)!

Paisley tunic image via They All Hate Us

Animal prints update your look by adding multidimensional texture. Because they’re statement pieces, paring down your space (or outfit) works effortlessly against solid and neutral tones.

Clutch image via Shopstyle

Interiors image via A Piece Of Toast

Cozy accessories paired with wintry shades of white and grey are timeless against seasons and trends.

Grey sweater image via Crush Cul de sac

Kitchen image via Mix & Chic

By incorporating the right shades,  white can be worn all year-round. A white room combined with warm tones of camel, brown, and wood bring a stark contrast against winter whites.

White outfit image via This is Glamorous

White bathroom image via Savvy Home Blog

White and camel tones are classically chic no matter the decade or the season.

Camel coat image via Shopstyle

Kitchen image via Boston.com