The Future of At-Home Entertainment: Tech That Doesn’t Feel Invasive

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It’s cozy season. That means more sweaters, more soup, and even more time at home. But before you hunker down, give your systems an upgrade. From high-tech lo-fi record players to speedy, steady WiFi, these key items will ensure you’ll always have plenty to do, see, watch, listen to, and play. Here are some of our favorite new finds in the world of smart home technology to keep you entertained in your element.

Go Big on Bandwidth

Between work, school, play, and virtual hangs—and with everyone under one roof connecting at the same time—your WiFi is working overtime. Fast and reliable Verizon Fios Home Internet is the foundation for any tech-savvy household. The 100% fiber-optic network means faster gaming, streaming, and connecting on all devices, while also syncing up with other smart items, like Amazon Echo or Ring home security systems. Plus its mix-and-match plans let you choose exactly what you need, so you can get more for less. (We recommend Fios Gigabit Connection for a virtually seamless entertainment experience.)

Turn Up the Volume

For at-home concerts, the best seat in the house is always the couch. Make yourself comfortable and tune into the Oda System, a live music and performance streaming subscription service with proprietary panel speakers (that will play anything you want via Bluetooth or line-in). They’re designed to look good and sound even better.

This Year, You’re Projecting

Some see a blank white wall; others see everything they want. Go small with the ultra-compact Kodak Luma 75 Pocket Projector, which makes it easy to turn any room into a home theater or arcade, or live large with the ViewSonic True 4K Home Theater Projector and make any old movie night feel like a major premiere. Earlier this year, a survey revealed 43 percent of people were looking to add an at-home theater experience to their space. Well, there’s no time like the present.

Luma 75 Pocket Projector by Kodak

Urban Outfitters

True 4K Home Theater Projector by ViewSonic


Change the Narrative

Kids can gather around Yoto Player, a wireless (screen-free!) audio player that lets them have story time on their terms. Collect classic tales like Winnie the Pooh, learn to relax with bedtime meditations, or create content cards so little ones can choose their own imaginative adventures. For easy access, parents can manage the library from the Yoto app to ensure their kids are listening to exactly what they want them to.

Set Your TV Free

A new era of entertainment is here and it’s off the wall (literally). The freestanding Samsung Serif was designed with QLED technology and 360-degree good looks, while the LG Oled TV RX astonishingly retracts into its sound-bar base for the equally astonishing price of $87,000.

Go Back to the Future

Why just play some records when you could throw yourself a listening party? The Crosley Otto 4-in-1 record player might look lo-fi, but don’t let that fool you: Inside that retro getup is all the advanced performance technology you need—it features an AM/FM radio, auxiliary input, and built-in Bluetooth receiver.