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When you grow tired of your sofa, you generally have two options: Buy a new one or throw a slipcover over it. The former isn’t exactly budget friendly and the latter doesn’t always fix the problem (sometimes the wrinkle-prone cloth makes it look worse). So when it comes to disguising a drab couch, we’re taking a page out of Taylor Hill’s book and going back to basics with blankets. 

The model shared a snapshot of her living room on Instagram this week, spotlighting her eclectic collection of poufs and gray Restoration Hardware sofa that’s partially swathed in a mashup of striped, floral, and gingham textiles. This styling trick is so low-lift, she didn’t even have to neatly tuck the fabrics into the cushions for it all to look cool. 


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Dreaming about buying more rugs…. or tequila. Either are a safe bet.

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Odds are, you probably own more throws than you know what to do with, so why not put them to good use and get to camouflaging. Whether there’s a red wine stain on the arm or chintz upholstery that makes your head spin, a patterned coverlet or vintage handira is your greatest tool. Here are a few graphic finds to inspire your next update: 

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