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This Father’s Day, we’re thinking it would be a good idea to do something stepdad-specific. If you’re stumped for creative plans to make this year special for your stepdad, we can help you with ideas (and shopping) certain to delight someone who deserves to be celebrated!

If your stepdad has been hyper-focused on growing his beard, gift him a beauty product. Why not? Make him feel like a million bucks with a little luxury.

These cool cufflinks will get a lot of usage during summer. If weddings and graduation parties are on your family’s agenda, send your favorite guy off in style.

Bring your stepdad to the beach! Treat him to a relaxing day on the hot sand. Be sure to let him relax by the water. Make a lunch run at noon to grab his favorite boardwalk fries.

If you are used to seeing your stepdad roll wads of cash in rubber bands, do him a solid and gift him this wallet. It’s a much smarter (and more chic) way to tote around his essentials.

For an easy, quick gift, you could just wrap up a framed photo of the two of you. However, show you care by going a step further. Schedule a photoshoot for you, your siblings, and your stepdad. He will certainly appreciate the extra thought and the memories you will make.

Gift your stepdad a swanky timepiece. This rich wooden watch is practical and pretty. A stylish, functional gift is always a winner in our books.

Give the gift of music. This masculine wireless radio is seriously stylish. Pair this radio with a playlist of all of the songs that have meaning to the two of you.

Get your DVR ready. Put a movie marathon night on the calendar. Change this common occurrence up a bit by choosing your stepdad’s favorite movies or Netflix favorites.

For your sophisticated stepdad, select a cheese platter gift. This spread will make for a relaxing night in. Who doesn’t like giving a gift that spoils someone a little?

Stepdad/Stepkid hikes are the best! Choose a place that either has special meaning, or one your stepdad has always wanted to visit. Show that you pay attention. Take it a step further by packing a picnic lunch to enjoy halfway through.

Show your stepdad that you care about his style. Send him off on all of those business trips with a great grey bag. This carryon is a cool piece for his collection.

Is your stepdad a super chef? A collection of cookbooks is one gift that shows him you believe in his abilities. Spend Sunday night whipping up a dinner in the kitchen, as his sous.

If your stepdad is always picking up the tab, turn the tables on him. Treat him to a nice dinner for the two of you, at one of his favorite spots, or introduce him to something new in the neighborhood.

Blend up some margaritas for the two of you. Treat your stepdad to a backyard picnic and an adult beverage on the deck. And leave your phones in the house!

Set up a fun day of adventure. Plan a scavenger hunt for your stepdad. (This is a great one to include the step-grandkids in, too)! Take him around town to all of the places where you two have special memories. Bring him to the baseball field where you two watched your first game together. Send him to the restaurant where you shared your first meal as a family.

Stepdad’s who love to cook will have fun upgrading their sandwiches with a panini press!

Coastal coasters, to remind a far-away stepdad that someone somewhere else is thinking of him.

Throw your stepdad a barbeque. Take charge of the grill, giving him the afternoon off. Let the grill master take a load off and enjoy the social aspect of the party. You’ve got the food covered!

Stick your favorite campfire treats in this pie iron. Take this to a campsite and set up shop for the night.

Grab your helmets and hit the road. Spend Sunday with your stepdad while biking in the great outdoors.

This dapper bowtie is a great gift for your stepfather with a busy, slightly fancy social schedule this summer.

Let your stepdad take the day off. Offer to do the chores he usually tackles. Pull the weeds. Cut the grass. He will appreciate it more than you know.

Stock your stepdad’s bar with some stylish finds. If the basement bar is his pride and joy, he will certainly appreciate the thought that went into making it a bit more stylish. Starting with copper cups, of course.

Make your stepfather a special card to show him just how much you care. He will certainly appreciate the amount of time that has gone into creating a custom card. Since there aren’t many cards that are geared towards stepdads specifically at your average Target, creating one shows him that he isn’t forgotten in your heart. Bonus: If your stepdad wasn’t yet a part of your family when you were little, he’ll get to catch up on handmade craftiness kiddos often give to their parents.

Gift your father with a subscription service. Think outside of the box and come up with a unique idea that you know he’ll enjoy and totally use.

A personalized mug is a great reminder of your connection. Your stepfather can think of you or his step grandkids while he sips his morning coffee. Put your mug on a mug!

Create a totally personalized gift basket, filled with local foods. Gather a sampling of all of the great treats he tried during his last visit to your town. Sneak a little note inside, reminding him that he is welcome to pop by again anytime.