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It’s impossible to not be inspired by Sofia Coppola’s attention to detail in her romantic films—whether it be in costume, set design, or quiet atmospheric moments.Touched by decadent pastels and lingering ethereal moments, we’re drawn to Coppola and wish she could direct our lives.

After watching The Beguiled, we’re feeling a penchant for the Southern Gothic. Based on the 1966 novel of the same name, The Beguiled is set during the Civil War in an all-girls boarding school in 1864. The film’s delicate opulence, specifically that which comes as a result of being filmed inside a Southern mansion (the same one used in Beyonce’s Lemonade) has us rounding up our girl gang and booking flights to the South. Thanks to services like HomeAway, bringing silver screen Southern-gothic charm to reality, from historic Mississippi mansions to beautiful Georgia manors, has never been easier.

Lightwood Plantation House, $395


Spring Grove, Virginia

Located on a private 100-acre forest, this 18th century home is straight off a Coppola storyboard. Draped in elegance and privacy, this home could have easily made an appearance in The Beguiled. We love the antique intimacy of the home (and its modern comforts, which include a hot tub and satellite TV).

Mortgage Hall ,$900 avg/night

Middleburg, Virginia

This estate’s muted gray exterior is soft enough for a Coppola palette. If Instagram aesthetic are your primary vacation goal, this property in Virginia will more than satisfy. If vacationing with friends, be sure to snap a few chic photos of lawn activities in the summer sun. With nine bedrooms, this country home has enough space to sleep 20.

Featherston-Magruder House, $667 avg/night

Vicksburg, Mississippi

You could easily start a chic boarding school in this 6,200-square-foot antebellum home. This living room would be perfect for an evening of juxtaposed polite veneer and poised wit, while modern amenities like a private pool will keep your group entertained. The home was originally built in 1830, and it has quite a history—it’s been a schoolhouse and a clinic, and it was owned by a Union army general. It has five bedrooms and can sleep up to 10.

Historic St. Charles Avenue Apartment, $583 avg/night

New Orleans, Louisiana

Built in 1875, this historic New Orleans home sleeps eight. We’re swooning for the mansion’s luxe balconies, which are the perfect place to have a drink while overlooking the lush St. Charles Avenue. Grab your girl-gang, ingredients for your favorite spritz, and wait for Colin Farrell to arrive.

White House, $550 avg/night

Falls Church, Virginia

No getaway to a Virginia estate is complete without a dinner shared amongst friends. Considering many of The Beguiled‘s twists and turns are calculated in the film’s beautiful dining room, a dining room as grand as this is totally essential. We recommend throwing a dinner party featuring chic pastel decor, an inspiring group of friends, and iced summer cocktails.

Bayou Oaks Plantation, $1,195/night 

Slidell, Louisana

This 12,00-square-foot Louisiana plantation can house 30 (!) of your closest friends (which also makes it ideal for a small wedding). From waterfront views to luxe furnishings and a grand staircase, this is the perfect place to get away from it all.

North Point Plantation, $900 avg/night

King William, Virginia

This rural retreat is ideal for friends looking for an ultimate escape. This secluded Virginia estate is the perfect place for a group to experience a feeling of time-traveling nostalgia, but with air conditioning.

The Napoleon House, $626avg/night  

New Orleans, Louisiana

This charming antebellum mansion, built in the 1870s, is perfect for candlelit dinners with friends, union soldiers, and anyone else who happens to stumble through the iron gates. Southern summer steaminess not required.

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