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Because every still in a Coppola film is so carefully curated; so purposefully planned with calculated vision and innovative design (checkout the pair of powder blue high-top Chuck Taylors coming up!). So your abode is more pied-à-terre than Chateau de Versailles ? No problem. Let the Coppola aesthetic be your escapist guide to creating a candy-colored Paris-meets-L.A. dream pad.

White on white on floral (The Virgin Suicides)

Heavy on that Cape Cod cottage look. Piece white furnishings with all white everything. Grab some floral textiles for a soft, romantic setting and bring the room together with soft blush drapery (sidenote: take this color palette into your kitchen and you’re perpetually ready for your own diner en blanc ).

Vintage jungle vibes

In fashion, food and homes- leafy greens are everywhere. Score a bold fern wallpaper print for a hallway bathroom or throw a bamboo accent chair on the porch. It’s 70’s glam and may even make you more outdoorsy, or at least look it.

Pinks, peaches and gold (Marie Antoinette)

There’s no such thing as too many macaroons. Take note of their pastel-perfect tones and use pretty confections as decoration. Pair pastries with gold-mirrored trays and suddenly- you have twice the sweetness! Add small pops of red accessories if the pastel overload is too saccharine.

Shoes as décor, for the win (Marie Antoinette)

Yes to leaving your rad kicks lined up by the door. Yes to leaving your perfectly designed Italian pumps neatly arranged on the steps. Your jeweled Louboutins? Why hide them? Leave your finely designed pieces in view, like the functional pieces of art they are.

Sun-drenched rooms, champagne bottles and romance (Marie Antoinette)

Open all the drapes, everywhere. Keep beautiful glassware (or champagne bottles- up to you) in line with the setting sun through the windows. Flowers (ideally, peonies and roses) can be strewn haphazardly. It is a lady of leisure look, one rich with romance and whimsy.

Minimalism and a touch of masculinity (Lost in Translation)

Hotel whites and sleek, masculine lines with only a twinge of feminine charm, for this look. Architectural and ideal textures for a den or library. Keep it simple and stay in the gray and beige family when choosing the major pieces. Install only a couple pieces of color via small, artful accessories.

Lux prints and high-end details (The Bling Ring)

Bold black-and-white prints and studded leather details instantly add visual value. This is the boutique hotel version of life. Think white leather chairs and pops of faux fur. Don’t forget to add as many mirrors and chandeliers as possible.

Off-kilter art pieces that pack a punch (Somewhere)

Go for a cool art piece in an unexpected place. Gorgeous prints are easy to find these days, and all it takes is some white matting and a simple frame to spruce up an otherwise basic living space.

When in doubt, add turquoise blue (Somewhere)

There’s something about a laguna blue that calms and brings to mind a tropical paradise. Don’t have a pool? Why not go with a beautiful new rug or unique chair? Water is a persistent theme in many a Sofia film; get in touch with your inner mermaid.