Published on January 28, 2016

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Photography by brittany ambridge

Multifunctional pieces

are key for small spaces. Case in point: a bookcase that can double as a nightstand.

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Photography by THIS IS GLAMOROUS



to designate specific zones within the studio, whether it be the living, dining, or bed area.

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Photography by PINTEREST

Lacking closet space? Invest in a durable

wardrobe rack

that can live comfortably within the four corners of your space. Pair it with a textured floor piece to hold accessories.

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Photography by Brittany Ambridge

A clever placement of


can help visually enhance a space. In lieu of a larger piece, consider a gallery wall inspired design with smaller mirrors of a similar make.

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Photography by GRAVITY HOME

When it comes to small spaces,

decorating with neutrals

is key. A muted color scheme can help evoke a sense of a less cluttered space – plus it provides the ideal backdrop for graphic accents and pops of color.

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Photography by LINDSEY ORTON

Floating shelves

are the less bulky alternative to cabinets, and can often manage to hold the same amount of dish ware or gear.

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Photography by Sam McAdam-Cooper for Inside Out

No small space should be without ample sources of


, whether it be natural or not. Opt for pieces such as sleek sconces or floor lamps that are streamlined to complement the studio’s decor.

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Photography by JARED SMITH


wall-mounted pieces

that leave the floor clutter-free, allowing more uses for the valuable floor square footage.

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Photography by MY DOMAINE


set high above the windows create the illusion of higher ceilings. Here’s what you should know.

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Photography by SAVOR HOME


help keep rogue pillows and throws in check, while providing the room with a textural accent.

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mobile kitchen cart

is great for extra storage and counter space – bonus points if it can double as a bar cart!

Find more creative uses for this cart, here!

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Photography by BLOGLIV

A stylish


to separate the “bedroom” from the rest of the living space is crucial for small spaces. We love the idea of a bookshelf that can double as a headboard!

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Photography by IKEA

Storage racks

above the sink make great use of the free space, while keeping frequently used items close-at-hand.