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Some of us take pleasure in making the bed every morning. It’s a moment of meditation, a way to focus and bring order to your day before it truly begins. The rest of us are sane.

Making your bed can be a good practice, but time and the secret pleasures of hitting the snooze alarm as many times as humanly possible can make it a minor burden, distraction, or an undone chore.

A startup firm called SmartDuvet has stepped into this breach and created, yes, a smart duvet that may ensure you never return home from work or play to a tangled, dispiriting mess of bedding from earlier that morning.

As you can—and really should—see in the video below, SmartDuvet’s first take on a product is essentially an inflatable raft, a waffle of tubes and baffles that forms a perfect, unwrinkled rectangle as it fills with air pumped through a sleekly designed blower box.

Wrap it in the tasteful duvet cover of your choice, attach it to your sheets and—presto!—you’ve got (more or less) a self-making bed… tuck-ins not included. Theoretically, the whole thing would work off of a smartphone app for instant or scheduled use.

Currently, the SmartDuvet is in a Kickstarter round of funding because of course it is. Currently, it’s about halfway to its modest goal of $22,683 with a not-at-all crazy $264 early-bird buy in. The company projects delivery in May of 2017.

It’s an interesting, entertaining step forward in the advancement in lazy-tech. Despite this, researchers have yet to find a way to fluff up our pillows by remote. To the lab!