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Kitchen renovations require a lot of thought and planning—and a pretty considerable financial investment. That’s why many people stick to the classics: clean white cabinets, neutral walls…you know the drill. But it’s also the reason why we think you should paint your kitchen a totally nontraditional color: pink!

Just because you’re making a big commitment doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have fun. Whether you’re keen on dinner parties or have a nonnegotiable morning coffee ritual, the kitchen is where we spend most of our time—it should be as special as possible.

While pink bathrooms have surged in popularity recently, a pink kitchen feels refreshingly unexpected. And no, it’s definitely not outdated. Just take a look at these inspiring interiors, and you might find yourself erring on the side of Elle Woods.

The One With Venetian Plaster

You can thank Venetian plaster for the soft patinaed walls in Alison Wu’s kitchen. Gray-green countertops tone down the sugariness of  the pastel hue, and a marble countertop adds a classic touch.

The One With Exposed Shelving

Kelly and Jeff Mindell are never afraid to go heavy on color, and their vibrant kitchen is proof. The paint on the cupboards might be called Galveston Tan, but it reads as dusky blush in person. And the cabinets aren’t even the boldest part of the space: A hot pink rug and a jealousy-inducing collection of rainbow dinnerware make the room an all-around delight.

The One With No-Frills Cabinets

Hardware-less, floor-to-ceiling cabinets give this office kitchen by GRT Architects an über-streamlined look, in addition to providing ample storage space. That’s not to say the room is boring—the pale pink hue of the doors adds plenty of visual interest.

The One With a Pop of Blue

The dusty rose and baby blue in this Moscow kitchen by Boris Denisiuk is a total treat. Consider it proof that sometimes two bold shades are better than one. A dramatic stone floor makes the space even more special without competing with all the color.

The One With Natural Textures

Not every pink kitchen has to feel like it’s a part of a Barbie Dream House. Consider this kitchen by Devol, which incorporates dark wood cabinetry, dramatic marble countertops, and a live-edge wood shelf. The muted salmon pink on the walls is practically a neutral.

The One With Plywood and Herringbone Tiles

Afraid you’ll get tired of your pink kitchen after a year or two? Take a cue from Patchwork Harmony and keep your countertops and cabinets neutral, painting just the walls pink. If a different color strikes your fancy, switch it up!

The One With Trippy Floors

2LG Studio manages to fit three playful colors—green, blue, and pink—in the kitchen of this English country home without overwhelming the space. The secret: tying the two main hues together with a geometric floor tile, and using the third as an accent on the ceiling’s beams.

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