#locallyinspired: new design goals from perth

join april ku of @coffeewithme as she shows us her hometown in australia.

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Hi everyone, April from  @coffeewithme here! I’m so excited to share my perspective of Perth with you. From my username you can probably guess that coffee photos are quite regular. However, I love taking photos of interiors and also my own style, which coincidentally all happen to feature in this photo taken at  @goodthingsmp!  I hope you enjoy all the photos in this  #locallyinspired  series.

This newly opened boutique hotel,  @alexhotelperth  is a beautifully designed space. My favourite spot is the upstairs area, where there are wall length windows and a beautiful dark moody colour palette with pops of bronze and copper –  @coffeewithme   #locallyinspired

Coffee and doughnuts, what more can I say! This new spot,  @floespresso  is a favourite as they make a great cup of coffee and have such lovely staff –  @coffeewithme   #locallyinspired

This is one of many stunning design elements at Gordon St. Garage, which is also known for its coffee! I love sitting by the window just to the left of this photo enjoying a cup of coffee and always love having their very delicious and photogenic pancakes –  @coffeewithme #locallyinspired

When I first walked into  @detailmc  I fell in love with the endless windows that let in the softest natural light. After my initial dreamy moment I noticed the gorgeous pops of indoor plants and the most photographed mantle in Perth! –  @coffeewithme   #locallyinspired

I love sitting by the windows and just enjoying a moment with coffee in hand at the  @theotherside_espresso . I love how they have added these windows to this wall and started a ‘hanging garden’ that adds a soft and calming atmosphere –  @coffeewithme   #locallyinspired