#locallyinspired: next-level australian wanderlust

lean timms takes us on a tour of berry, her home in new south wales, australia!

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Well hello there! It’s lovely to meet you. My name is Lean and I’m an Australian photographer and food and lifestyle blogger over at @leanandmeadow . I’m thrilled to be sharing a few of my favourite haunts around my country home town, Berry, here on the New South Wales South Coast. It’s an ever inspiring place – it holds true to plenty of small town beauty and is surrounded by rolling green dairy farms and white sandy beaches. First up, this is me in my tea drinking element enjoying some @theberryteashop tea at the institution that is the @berrysourdoughcafe. Often a mid-week mid-morning pic me up. Like slow breakfasts? Show stopping sourdough? Cosy french country bakeries? Then you’ll just love this place.

@shadyfig is one of our towns true local gems. Full of flowers and carefully selected home wares and gifts, it’s always an inspired and heady place to visit. Michelle is the hugely dedicated and talented florist and store owner here, taking multiple trips a week up to the Sydney flower markets to bring back only the most fresh, considered and unique blooms to us Berry folk. Her arrangements are beyond beautiful and a visit to her store is a weekly must for me –  @leanandmeadow

A sister cafe to the @berrysourdoughcafe , Milkwood bakery is the main street option, for take away coffee and some morning bread or afternoon treats. They also stock a number of quality, local and Australian made provisions for the pantry –  @leanandmeadow

This once upon a time garden shed is now home to one of Berry’s sweetest home wares and gift stores @thepicnicshed . The theme here is Scandinavian meets British meets its lovely Australian owners. I picked up my swell and surefire @hunterboots here. After shopping, I always pop out to the back veggie garden to visit the two little pet rabbits, Thumper and Peter…  @leanandmeadow

We are lucky in Berry to have @thepineskiama , a small scale and very special dairy, not too far from our doorstep. Although I would have loved to share a photo or two of the cows (keep an eye on @leanandmeadow for those!), I wanted to share a another favourite cafe @illocale , who sells The Pines yummy farm made gelato. Imagine non-homoginised, well loved milk whipped up on the farm into icy flavours of rhubarb and cinnamon, fig and honey and just plain caramel… Oh! The caramel!  @leanandmeadow

If you ever find yourself in Kangaroo Valley, then this place is a must stop @thecottagekangaroovalley. This beautifully curated 1880’s cottage is the once upon a home and studio of local artist, Lisa Madigan, now rented out as boutique accommodation for those in need of an inspired escape to the country. It’s full of lush Australian loves including @aesopskincare bathroom products and @inbedstore linen. It is also the place where I am lucky enough to do a lot of my styled shooting. This place honestly hums with so much yum. – @leanandmeadow

And finally, as the weather starts to warm up, I can’t wait to spend more time here with Taj the dog, on the beautiful nearby beaches of Jervis Bay. White sand, clear water, I can smell summer coming. Thanks so much for following along 🙂 It’s been such a pleasure to show you around! If you’re ever in town, please do say hello! Until then, be sure to check out leanandmeadow.com for many more photos and adventures. – @leanandmeadow