#locallyinspired: journey through toronto with a fave food blogger!

try not to move here afterward...

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Hi ! I’m Diala, the voice behind  @dialaskitchen  . Originally from Dominican Republic, I moved to Montreal to go to university, and since then, Canada has been home. I am a pastry chef, a Toronto based fight attendant, and a mother of 2 amazing girls. I also blog at  www.dialaskitchen.com  and use Instagram to capture my travels, local food, and to post recipes I enjoy making at home. I’m passionate about all things food and feel very drawn to food photography.

Toronto is my city; one that is forever inspiring. Each neighbourhood has its own style (the hipness of Queen West, the sunny vibes of the beaches). The art and music scene is always refreshing, and for someone who loves food, Toronto has it

all. What I love most about Toronto is how multicultural this city is, and that reflects itself everywhere. Toronto supports its local farmers markets and independent stores.

My favourite space in the city is Crown Flora Studio. A place where the most unique terrariums are crafted, and where you can find beautiful flowers, candles, and handmade bags. The studio has gorgeous white brick walls and high ceilings.


The pastries at Maman Toronto are hands down the best I’ve had, and the decor brings Provence to the city. I especially love the white and blue table.


Old Faithful Shop recently opened a Toronto spot, (they are originally from Vancouver). The store is located on Queen St. West, and its decor is simple and minimalistic, making highly curated items shine.


Sudforno is a bakery where every detail is beautifully designed. From mosaic floors to wooden tables. I love their coffee bar and this Faema espresso machine. The bakery is Terroni’s offspring, the place to go for best pizza in the city.



The sweetest spot in the beaches neighbourhood is Moo Milk Bar, where Ice cream sandwiches and cookies are done right. Their walls are covered with antique ice cream scoops, pastry cutters and flour scoops.


The Drake hotel is a boutique hotel that is a hotbed for the art scene in the city. Its rooftop patio is a must during the summer and the Cafe is the place to go for the best huevos rancheros. This bookcase sets the scene in the restaurant.