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photos and text by Belinda Love Lee

Hey Guys! My name is @belindaloveleeand I run a petite design and illustration studio right out of the comfort of my own home. I moved to Cardiff about three years ago with my then boyfriend, now husband @kerfcollection. Here I am having a quick cup of coffee in our little humble abode that I love so much! Moving original from Toronto, a much bigger city then Cardiff, when I first arrived it was definitely different from what I’m use to. But the culture and smaller scaled city has quickly grown on me and since being here I’ve learned to call it home! I’m super excited to show you around to my favourite spots, and I hope you’ll fall in love with it too as quickly as I have.

Run by a coffee fanatic dual, they recently moved from San Francisco to the UK and started up @lufkincoffee. Though it maybe quaint and small in size with only a small bar table and 2 chairs, the size doesn’t reflect the capacity of their doing, they roast all their beans by themselves in house.


The first time I walked into the @cardiffnationalmuseum I was actually surprised by the calibre of artists displayed in house. Cardiff is a fairly small city in comparison to London and so naturally I assumed it’s museum wouldn’t be as grand as London’s. But lo-and-behold pieces of my favourite impressionist, Claude Monet adorn the walls, including his ever famous ‘Water Lilies’.

Roath Park is where I go to take mid day breaks and get a breath of fresh air. It’s the perfect place to be if you love people watching, soft served ice cream, and good old nature. There’s a gorgeous greenhouse on site, but what always catches my attention is the rose garden with over 20 different types of roses. It’s the best smelling part of town around spring time.

@penlyanpantry is both a place to have a cuppa and delicious bite or to pick up your locally sources goodies. With floor to ceiling windows, it’s vibe is super friendly and inviting- it’s the type of place you’ll easily spend more than half the day in without realising. Their hot chocolates are to die for, it’s made with a spoonful of homemade chocolate left melting at the bottom of the cup. If you’re a chocolate fiend, It’s a must try.

Jacob’s is the one stop shop for all your antique finds. In Cardiff, unfortunately cheap thrifting in charity shops won’t find you very much else then your typical second hand H&M dress. So if you’re into finer vintage things, this four storey mall will have you almost cross eyed with it’s many vintage bits and bots.


I’m a local at @betibiggs! With it’s every changing attractive window displays, it’s always luring me in to buying yet another home deco/ trinket that’s not a necessity but still a must have. It’s the perfect store to find you modern rustic pieces and the place my husband forbids me to go into, lol, yet I still find my way in!

Voted as one of UK’s top 50 cafes, @theplancafecardiff is the most delicious spot in town to stop for a quick bite. With all it’s food locally sourced and organic too. It’s easily my favourite place that I always make sure to take my friends to!