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Flowers are probably the simplest way to perk up a space and make it feel inviting, but there are so many options–maybe too many. Once you’ve finally found your favorite (you know, the one that really stands out to you at the farmers market) do you ever wonder what it actually says about you?

marigolds Marigolds are often associated with lions (Leos, if you want to get astrological about it), passion, and creativity. If you fill your space with these bright buds, it’s likely that you’ve got a fiery and exciting personality that people gravitate to.

orchids You fancy, huh? Orchids represent refinement, elegance, rarity, and gorgeous structural design. If you like to adorn your place with orchids, it’s likely that you can appreciate the finer things in life, such as modern art, minimalistic design, and unique beauty.

roses The quintessential flower for the home, roses represent love and friendship. If you spread these around your place, you love the classics and timeless style. Like you always say, why mess up a good thing?

calla lilles Calla lilies have ties with purity, spirituality, devotion, and marriage. If you like to decorate with these sweet and unique looking posies outside of wedding season, then what can we say? You’re probably a romantic at heart. Candlelit dinner, anyone?

tulips Tulips represent comfort and “perfect” love. If you prefer this type of arrangement, you’re likely a great host/hostess, value your relationships, and you love being around people.

peonies These voluminous flowers are synonymous with prosperity, good fortune, and marital happiness. Surround yourself with these lush stunners and you’re likely to feel like royalty. You like luxury, being pampered, and surrounded with gorgeous things. Is that such a crime?

craspedias (billy buttons) These twee flowers have been popping up on boutineers all over Pinterest, but they also look great as a bunch in a mason jar or vessel of your choice. Representative of good health, these flowers are trendy, quirky, and full of zippy energy. Sound like anyone you know?

sunflowers No surprise here: Sunflowers are synonymous with happiness, adoration, and even loyalty. If you prefer these to other flowers for your home, you’re probably a good friend who likes to make others feel comfortable and stress-free when they come over.

celosias Also known as “cockscomb,” these (brain-like) flowers represent individuality, silliness, and affection. If you like bunches of these best, you might be the comedian or artsy one in your friend group.

achilleas Also known as “yarrow,” these blossoms, named after the Greek myth Achilles, symbolize healing and inspiration. If you gravitate towards them, you most likely rock a creative, ambitious vibe or perhaps you enjoy various types of therapy and making your home a great space to unwind.