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by Danielle Blundell

Longing for design inspiration from a far-flung location? Before you book a big trip, look no further than your Instagram feed. We’ve rounded up a bunch of decorators’, bloggers’, and tastemakers’ vacation snaps from around the globe. You better believe they go to some gorgeous places. Get lost in this epic gallery of design eye candy, no plane ticket necessary.

The Traveler:

Tamara Kaye-Honey (@houseofhoney), interior designer and founder of House of Honey design studio

The Destination:


“The Casa de le Amistad in Old Havana is so bold with its Italian Renaissance lattice work and stately gestures yet humbled by a simple facade. The faded glamour feels relevant and special. I’m channeling the feel in a garden loggia project I’m working on.”

“El Cocinero Restaurant in my mind represents the future of Havana. The changes and growth that are happening in Cuba are symbolized by the juxtaposing in design: old meets new in the grandest sense of the meaning.”

“The colors of this incredible Havana sunset taken from the terrace of The Ludwig Foundation of Cuba inspired a washed-out and worn ombre wallpaper design for a restaurant I completed in Napa.”

The Traveler:

Andres (Dru) Ortega (@thisisdru), West Elm PR Manager

The Destination:


“I’m not one for a monochromatic decorating scheme, but the neutral color palette of our hotel in Mykonos is the type of colorless serenity that vacationing requires..”

“Truth be told, it’s impossible to take a bad photo when the landscape is this breathtaking. And the beauty of photos taken of Oia, Santorini, is that it has the magical quality to instantly transport you to the far reaches of the Mediterranean.”

“I visited the main Athens attraction during the magic hour. Mother nature and the Greeks didn’t disappoint with the vista. With this light, the Acropolis shimmered in the golden hue of the sunset as the crowds thinned, out and I snuck in a few quiet moments alone overlooking the city.”

The Traveler:

Amanda Reynal (@amandareynal), interior designer, Reynal Interiors

The Destination:

Ireland and England

“Imagine the thrill of arriving in a small village and finding a pub painted hot pink! The colors of buildings in deepest, darkest Ireland are bold and inspired.”

“The impressive staircase at the Royal Academy was hand painted by artist Jim Lambie for their summer exhibition. Stripes are always right and complement any architectural setting.”

“The moody gray cloud cover over the bay and the dark blue water makes me think of a cozy navy lacquered library with a gray velvet sofa and a green malachite box on the cocktail table.”

The Traveler:

Lisa Wyatt (@glampackersyd), travel blogger at Wyatts in Oz

The Destination:

The Pacific Northwest and British Columbia

“Wish I could bring home one of these beautiful textiles found in the Chihuly Gardens and Glass Museum in Seattle, Washington.”

“It’s hard to believe that this fantasy world of flowers exists at Butchart Gardens on Vancouver Island.”

“Green with ivy, I mean, envy over this fabulous exterior at Sylvia Hotel in Vancouver.”

The Traveler:

Justina Blakeney (@justinablakeney), blogger at The Jungalow and author of The New Bohemians

The Destination:


“The colors in this place are blowing my mind!”

“Collecting rocks on the beach with the littles.”

“Taking notes on the striped outdoor curtains.”

The Traveler:

Candace Soriano (@candacesoriano), interior designer with Homepolish

The Destination:

Germany and Amsterdam

“Charming storybook towns in Germany create a sense of illustration, nostalgia and whimsy I reference when designing nurseries or children’s rooms.”

“The German marketplace is full of life, colors and fresh scents; It’s made to entertain yet still feels like home.”

“The urban lifestyle of Amsterdam is very cool, relaxed and with a bit of a masculine edge.”