Why Parachute Is the Place to Buy Bedding

Say hello to the comfiest sheets you’ll ever own.

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Sheets and towels are the kind of utilitarian everyday items that we don’t put a lot of thought into. In fact, we rarely buy them for ourselves—they’re usually gifted to us by mom after she visits (subtle). Part of the problem is that shopping for sheets is overwhelming, and frankly, boring. The bedding aisle is just an uninspired sea of hard decisions. Which fabric? Which color? Do you need top sheet?

Enter: Parachute. The online retailer is the answer to all of our bedding woes. They offer a selection of premium bedding and bath essentials—think super-cozy bed sheets, duvets and pillows, and insanely fluffy towels and bathrobes—in a modern, stylish palette. Everything they sell is guaranteed to be super comfortable and high-quality.

The Parachute shopping experience is oh-so-easy, and—dare we say?—fun, thanks to their blog, which offers helpful fabric guides, fun styling tips, and peeks into Parachute-decked homes. It’s easy to see why people are so loyal to the brand (just check out the #MyParachuteHome hashtag on Instagram to see what we mean).

The best part, though, is that these are products you can feel good about: All of their textiles are Oeko-Tex certified, meaning they’re made without any chemicals or synthetic softeners, and all fabrics are responsibly manufactured by fairly paid workers in family-owned factories—i.e. better than fair trade and organic.

Plus, Parachute worked social responsibility into their business plan, partnering with the United Nations Foundation’s Nothing But Nets campaign to donate life-saving malaria-prevention bed nets to sub-Saharan Africa (over 20,000 donated so far).

Oh also, if you’re not 100 percent satisfied with your sheets—even after you’ve slept on them—Parachute offers free returns for up to 60 days (they donate them to Habitat for Humanity). But we don’t foresee that happening.

Get ready to upgrade your sleeping situation. Start with the basics and layer on from there. Here’s what we recommend…

Percale Venice Set

Parachute’s signature bedding bundle, the Venice Set—named after the company’s hometown—is what finally convinced us to ditch the top sheet. The set includes a fitted sheet, duvet cover, and two pillowcases, which have a neat envelope-style closure on the back so your pillow will never start poking out (does that happen to anyone else?).

We opted for the percale fabric after consulting Parachute’s helpful guides to their fabrics (raise your hand if you’re also a warm sleeper). It’s crisp, cool, and super breathable. Brand new percale sheets can sometimes feel stiff, but these are soft and sleep-ready straight out of the package.

We like a darker color palette in the bedroom, so we chose slate—the sets are also available in white, sand, powder (a light blue), and navy—which is the perfect base for mixing and matching sheets in different colors.

Percale Venice Set, starting at $219

Sateen Sheet Set

We weren’t sure we’d like the sateen sheets. We thought they’d be too shiny, but Parachute’s have just a subtle luster that makes my bed feel super luxurious. These are definitely the softest sheets we’ve ever had, which can be a problem—it makes getting out of bed so hard. We chose powder blue, and it’s the perfect complement to the slate duvet cover.

Sateen Sheet Set, starting at $89

One fun thing about Parachute products is the packaging. Instead of being wrapped in plastic, each piece comes in a reusable pouch made from the same fabric you ordered. We plan on repurposing these as gift wrap, but they’d be great for travel and storage, too.

Down and Down Alternative Pillows

Hands down, the

Parachute pillow

is the best pillow we’ve ever used. The down pillows are made with all-natural and responsibly sourced European white down, while the down alternative (our preferred choice) features a hypoallergenic microfiber that mimics the feel of down. It holds its shape so no repeated fluffing needed.

Parachute offers pillows in three fill options—soft, medium, and firm—so you can find your perfect fit. Need help choosing? Check out Parachute’s helpful guide on picking the perfect pillow for your sleeping style.

Pillows, starting at $59

Essential Quilt

Next we add a quilt. The midweight, box-patterned blanket is suited for year-round use. For fall, we’ve placed it at the foot of the bed for easy access when nights get chilly. The front is made of 100 percent linen while the reverse is 100 percent percale. The fog color, a dusty grey, will look great layered with the slate duvet and powder sheets.

Essential Quilt, starting at $229

Down Top Feather Bed

The feather bed is going at the top of our Christmas list. This mattress topper gives you the full five-star sleeping experience—your bed will literally be fit for a royal. The only downside? You may not ever want to get up.

Down Top Feather Bed, starting at $349