33 reasons to paint your kitchen chairs

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by Cora L. Diekman

Even modern kitchens can benefit from a pop of bold color.  This cobalt blue sets off the tribal rug perfectly, and provides great contrast to the starkness of the all-white cabinets, countertops, and walls.

If you dream in pastels, painting a few wooden shaker chairs in your favorite soft hues is the easiest way to sample pastel shades in the kitchen.

Rather than a matching set, consider painting yours in an ombre of colors.  Stick with one base color, and space them out so that you have a gradual lightening from saturated to pale.  Bonus points for mismatching your chair styles as well.

Varying shades of blue create a cool calmness in the kitchen that warm tones just can’t replicate.

If you crave a minimal look with character, seek out a collection of chair styles and paint them all in a single neutral like this deep, dark, blackest black.  Love the Scandinavian vibe!

No need to paint the entire chair.  Consider a halfsies paint job to highlight the intricate detail of a round spindled dining chair.  Leave one half natural, or opt for two coordinating colors instead.

Because green is still the new black, a bold shade of jewel-toned green adds just the right amount of color to this cool, modern eat-in kitchen.

This space is steeped in modern nordic style, complete with bold dining chairs in a mix of primary tones.

Nothing brightens a space like a collection of sunshine yellow dining chairs – mismatched, of course, to keep the look fresh and modern.

When you can’t purchase chairs in the color you crave, paint them instead.  This shade of pink might be difficult to source, but you can transform yours with any shade you like in one short weekend.

It’s not always about wood.  Consider a set of industrial metal chairs in varying shades of gray and black for a minimalist take on dining decor.

Scandinavian is lovely, but sometimes an all-white palette needs accents with bold color.  We’re loving this combination of coral red, mustard, and pale blue.

For a modern take on country-chic, a few shades of pastel paint gives shaker chairs a touch of Southern charm.

Do the unexpected, and paint your chairs in a bold hue – legs only.

This space is the perfect blend of industrial bones with feminine charm.  Refurbished metal chairs get a sleek makeover with a rainbow of high-gloss color and plush seat cushions.

This space is the epitome of

Scandinavian farmhouse

-chic.  Loving the varying shades of soft gray and blue throughout.

Rustic farmhouse designs are having a moment right now, and this space embodies the English cottage vacay of our dreams.  Painted chairs are a must, of course, but if yours haven’t aged naturally, you can help them along with a little sandpaper and elbow grease.

Don’t forget your barstools!  A pop of mint blends into this lovely space just perfectly.

Oh, the color!  When you can’t decide what color to paint your chairs, a rainbow of shades can work perfectly against a backdrop of all white.

Consider a reversed dipped paint effect (tops only) in a mix of your favorite hues.  These pastel shades are both whimsical and elegant.  Love!

In small dining spaces, painting your dining chairs can add character and color without claiming additional square footage or cluttering the walls.

This eat-in kitchen is industrial-meets-farmhouse perfection.  The curated look created by

mismatched dining chairs

gives the space a time-honored feel.  (And that pop of green is pure genius.)

To avoid a dining set that’s too well matched, apply a few coats of your favorite contrasting paint colors.  These primary hues are refreshing against a rustic-modern kitchen palette.

Use this space as inspiration for dip-dying your barstools.  If natural and white is too subtle, try a bolder combination like green and mint, black and white, or red and pink.

Green is so hot right now, even a single green dining chair makes a major statement.

Harness your inner childhood fantasy and dream in shades of bubblegum.  Loving the whimsical contrast against the stark, white-on-gray kitchen.

While we crave contrast, this set of shaker chairs in the same shade of soft gray is perfect and lovely.

Don’t forget the outdoors!  Even your patio set deserves an upgrade.  This set in muted tones of black and dark green is perfect for al fresco dining in the fall.

For a subtle upgrade to your dining chairs, dip the feet in a contrasting color of paint (and be sure it contrasts with the floor color, too).

While a set of white chairs would be perfectly lovely around this table, a bold yellow coat of paint adds chic modern flair.

Painting your dining furniture is a great way for renters to add color to a space without touching the walls.

Pink, mint, and ombre all over!  All all-white backdrop allows you to play with a variety of fun shades and combinations.

Just because a space is ultra modern in design, it’s no reason to skimp on color.  A mismatched set of dining chairs in yellow and black adds a much needed pop of interest to this monochromatic loft space.