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Days are getting shorter, temperatures are dropping, and the alfresco dining setups so integral to summer are becoming a distant memory. However, that doesn’t mean you’ll once more be resigned to staying indoors—you just need a patio heater. The only problem? Most are completely sold out. 

Back in August, The New York Times urged readers not to wait on purchasing these toasty devices, given its findings that searches for patio heaters had gone up more than 70 percent in the month of August compared to 2019. It turns out, the newspaper was right. These days, as people scramble to make their balconies, decks, and yards a little more hospitable, Googling the product is often met with a “sold out” message. Luckily we scouted a few that are still in stock, just in time for the temperature drop. 

Portable Radiant Heater, Dick’s Sporting Goods ($262)

Small enough to keep on a table, this portable heater is perfect for dinners out on a chilly balcony.


Heated Patio Table, HRS ($464)

Get as close to the warmth as possible with this bistro table/patio heater combo. The base, which provides 360 degrees of infrared heat, is covered by Cool-Touch technology, allowing for safe leg bumps when reaching for an extra bite.

Patio Heater by Well Traveled Living, Home Goods Center ($276)

This powder-coated option (with transportation-friendly wheels) comes in an aquamarine shade so bright you’ll think it’s still summertime. 

Electric Hanging Heater by QSCZZ, Amazon ($200)

Out of sight, but not out of mind, this hanging heat lamp offers warmth from above, leaving your dining table free to hold the charcuterie board. 

Induction Patio Heater, Fire Pit Oasis ($459)

If you’re looking for that wow factor, opt for flames. A combustion chamber twice the size of traditional patio heaters makes this one ideal for gatherings (it has a 50-inch radius). 


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