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The leaves are falling, air is cooling and the days are getting shorter. So you know what that means: Time to get cozy! It’s the season to pack away lighter bedding in favor of those heavier comforters. Colder weather means more time spent in bed, deeper sleep and more love to that snooze button. We’ve got some extra suggestions to help set to mood for snuggling up, so grab a hot cup of golden milk and let’s review what your sign can do to bring more cozy to the bedroom.


You are in the mood for frills and thrills. Mainly because it’s your birthday, but with your planetary ruler Venus in retrograde, it’s a lot easier to— let’s say, invest in yourself this season (cue the impulse buys). So if you find yourself seeking that perfect ultra-feminine quilt to stay warm and snuggly this season, go for Anthropologie’s Tufted Cidra Quilt—an enchantingly ornate ivory quilt which can be layered over your comforter or thick blankets to create that cozy boho look. Compliment the gorgeous texture of this quilt with a variety of matching shams to choose from.

You are feeling the urge to take some risks in the name of pleasure, enjoyment, and passion. Living on the edge has you feeling extra fancy this month, so if you decide you’d like to eat breakfast in bed on your birthday, whatever you do, do not spill the syrup! You’re also getting a nice boost of creativity, so if you are feeling whimsical and inspired, weave in another layer of cozy with the Moroccan Wedding Pouf to elaborate on more of those irresistible frills throughout the bedroom. Cozy and glam!


Your bedroom is your private alcove. It’s important that you feel centered, safe and secluded here. As a deep and sensitive person (though also very strong), your feelings define your reality. Having a calm environment (like your bedroom) to journal, meditate and reflect really helps you make sense of it all. Sweeten the chill spot by layering the end of the bed with the Monochrome Acrylic Blanket by Zara Home in “light camel” to add warmth and a spark of vibrancy to your space.

This month, you are feeling something thrilling at your core: Excitement? Passion? Rage? Whatever it is, it’s strong! Give yourself even more reasons to plop on the bed and write impassioned poetry, unleash on Twitter or draw up your 5-year-plan by propping yourself up with an abundance of pillows. Cover them with the Cable Knit Faux Fur Pillow Covers to include a luscious dose of plush texture to your bed. Exciting changes are afoot for you, and now your bed is the perfect place to daydream about it.


Your idea of cozy might involve living out of a vintage trunk, in an artsy repurposed shipping container in the middle of Joshua Tree. Essentially, the cozy feeling you seek may arrive from the sense of infinity, zero itineraries and the forever-curious case of wanderlust. But until you figure out how to work remotely, achieve that just-rolled-out-of-a-yurt vibe with the Rustic Bedspread by Zara Home. Made of thick woven cotton (kinda like those yoga blankets we love), its design hints at Southwestern motif but mostly gives us the vibe of a remote ski chalet half-way up a mountain.

Matching pillows are optional, though you might like to see some more color on your dreamscape. Brighten up your pillows with the Matte Velvet Throw Covers to create the perfect balance of earthy and vivid. It’s a laidback and go-with-the-flow kind of month for you, just how you like it. And in between all those spontaneous, last-minute adventures, you’ll be having this month, your bed will always be there for you to sprawl out on when you come home.


Grounded, practical and lover of simple elegance, your idea of cozy involves quality textiles and a smooth cup of chamomile tea. You tend to use your time wisely, and you rarely come to a full stop. However, having the freedom to move at your own pace is clutch. Convince yourself to slow down with a heavy comforter adorned in the Organic Brighton Matelasse Duvet Cover by West Elm. You’ll love the quality of the organic cotton, the subtle texture and the grounding dark hue. Simple and sultry— exactly what you are looking for in a bed. Contrast the matching shams with a choice throw pillow like this two-toned teal silk pillow to add a splash of vivid cool.

This might be a busier month at work which demands both consistency and adaptability; stay on your toes by reserving plenty of downtime to relax in bed, where you will undoubtedly indulge in some online shopping and lightly check things off your to-do list (at your own pace, of course) from the comfort of your swanky sheets. And now you’ll not only be cozy, but you’ll be confident that you are indeed living the dream.


You’re great at letting the small stuff go and can readily downshift into relaxation mode. In fact, you may even have a particular routine that involves pulling the drapes closed and flipping on both your essential oil diffuser and your Himalayan rock salt lamp. You prefer a chilly room (yes, even in cooler seasons) so that you can bury yourself in a heap of blankets. It’s true, you don’t get attached to much, but sheets are another story. You are very particular about such things! So if it’s time to upgrade your sheets in time for the cooler weather, go for West Elm’s Frost Gray Flannel Sheets. What you’ll love most about them is that they get softer with every wash (so you can actually get excited to do laundry this time).

Layer the incredibly soft Herringbone Soft Touch Throw over your comforter to add more layers of cozy to your bed. You’ll especially appreciate retreating to your snug safe haven as this month you are beginning to put yourself out into the world in new and daring ways. It might be daunting, but stay positive, keep up, have faith in your efforts and everything should come together in time. Another thing you can trust? That your bed will always be there for you after a long day of slaying.  


Cozy is something you do best. You put a lot of thought into cultivating the ideal dreamscape to bring peace to your inner world. Daydreaming on your bed is an essential practice in your life —preferably with choice music and lighting to reflect your current mood. Don’t have a fireplace? Level up your bedroom cozy game with Campfire Rebel, a candle (by Pinrose) that brings those sweet, smokey campfire vibes you love indoors. Those warm autumn aromas will undoubtedly convince you to snuggle under a blanket.

Let yourself become transported to another dimension by wrapping yourself in the Faux Fur Throw in Blush by Pottery Barn. The feel of this indulgent, velvety blanket is enough to make you feel like you are sleeping on a cloud (your ultimate fantasy). This month you may find yourself even deeper in thought and doubly creative (especially if you can just own it). Set time aside to clear your mind and connect with your higher creative self to doodle, stretch or fall into a black hole on Pinterest — all of which can be done from your now-even-cozier bed.


When you are on, you are on, and when it’s time to chill, you know exactly how that’s done too. Set the mood to kick your feet up by layering your bed with a giant blanket big enough to sprawl across your entire bed, like the Mojave Twill Organic Cotton Blanket made by Pendleton. Inspired by Southwest design, this blanket was made for someone like you who gravitates toward eye-catching patterns. You’ll just love these subdued hues of red and blue that speak to your dynamic spirit, and yet still suggest that it’s time to get cozy. Did we mention how soft it is?!

Partnerships and relationships are a focal point for the month, so good thing this blanket is big enough to share (don’t hog it, Aries), and not completely limited to the bed. Snuggling in front of the fireplace is also highly recommended with this one— just don’t forget the set of Lula Chenille Floor Pillows for extra comfort as you unwind.


We don’t need to ask you twice (or even once) to get comfortable. In fact, we are taking tips from you this month, Taurus. Tell us more about your favorite bed sheets and why… but in the meantime, we actually do have a tip for you. Replace those pillows. Loyal as ever, you may not even realize how old they are. Upgrade now with Down Pillows by Parachute. For you this month, you’ll be more attentive to those little everyday details that make a life— like taking a daily vitamin, the quality of your insoles or even… your pillow!

All these minor details add up to define our well-being in the long run, so start fine-tuning these details with something that’s always there when you wake up and when you go to bed. Your pillow. Follow up with a lavender mist pillow spray to help you sink in with ease and break them in. Try Momoko Therapeutics Serene Pillow Mist— just the thing you need to take bedtime indulgence to the next level.  


You like to have options. And if they aren’t offered to you, you will create them. So good thing there are absolutely no rules when it comes to placing a throw on a bed (maybe that’s why they are called throws?) You’ll love the Solid Basketweave Throw by West Elm—preferably in Cayenne for an added bonus of warmth. Chunky, hand-woven and infinitely fuzzy, it will look stunning (and cozy) draped flat over the middle of your bed or effortlessly tossed over the side. Open invite to wear it around the house as you enjoy your morning coffee and resist getting into the shower to get ready for work.

Speaking of work, it looks like things are off to a fresh start here. You may have recently made some changes and the results are beginning to become evident as they root down. But still… convince your feet to actually touch the floor in the a.m. with a soft Geometric Rug by Zara Home. It will add another layer of cozy to your space and start the day feeling snug.  


Even though you are a child of summer, this is one of your favorite times of the year. Hibernation is something you do best. Convince yourself to stay in bed longer on Saturday mornings with the Organic Geo Waffle Jacquard Duvet Coverby West Elm. It embraces that country-cottage in the Alps feel that you adore, and yet it’s still super modern. You’ll love the ornate stitching and cool tones which encourage relaxation— you’ll need plenty of it this month.

It seems like the world (and people) are asking a lot of you these days. You are happy to help those who you can and those who deserve it, but you risk spreading yourself too thin. You will need to create the balance by replenishing your own energy. A thick comforter is one way to get there. Give that comforter new life with this trendy, tranquil slipcover, and now you’ll have more excuses to sleep in, rejuvenate, and binge entire Netflix seasons from the comfort of your bed.


You casually radiate a contagious warmth out into the world, so naturally, you appreciate receiving the same in return. Especially from your bed. Make that bed even more inviting by adding another layer. Go with Pottery Barn’s Cozy Plush Faux Fur Throw — irresistibly soft, it’s made for snuggling up with a good book or taking a little cat nap. It comes in 3 shades, but we’ve got our eyes on neutral.

Finding more excuses to relax and close your eyes for a few minutes will offer you valuable integration of all the new info you’ll be soaking up this month: books, podcasts and stimulating conversation (or a good old heated debate), just to name a few. You really feel like your relationships have been reignited with new life and it feels sooo good. So after a social evening out, set the mood to wind down and snuggle in with the Tobacco + Vanilla Candle by Paddywax – a luxury hand-poured soy candle that will offer you hours of aromatic enjoyment and bring the crisp smell of autumn to the comfort of your bedroom.  


Your idea of luxury is having the penthouse suite of a 5-star hotel all to yourself. Crisp white sheets, a silky robe, and those complimentary slippers are all you need to feel like a VIP. But the truth is that you can do it better at home. Make your bed (tightly) with Pottery Barn’s Grand Organic Sheet Set, created to bring the lavish hotel experience right to your bed. You’ll appreciate the triple row of embroidery when you make and the bed each day, and even more so when you peel the covers back to crawl inside.

Roll out your down comforter and envelope it with Anthropologie’s Relaxed Cotton-Linen Duvet Cover; it comes in a variety of colors, but go with white to complete the 5-star experience. This month you’ll be considering what’s most important to you in life (with special attention to your priorities and value system). Start by prioritizing yourself and your quality of where you spend a third of your time… in bed!

Catherine Urban is an astrologer, writer, and lover of all things cozy. Check out more of Catherine’s Astro-world here.