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This Blender Could Actually Make You Healthier (Yes, Really)

This high-tech one is on sale too.

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Smoothies are delicious. That virtuous feeling associated with consuming them is emotionally satisfying too. But damn are those juices and smoothies time-consuming, expensive, and a pain to make every morning. Like, who has time for that? Even when you plan on waking up bright and early every morning to concoct your liquid of everlasting youth and wellness, life can get in the way. If you’re anything like me, you’ll find yourself wanting, even craving, a healthy drink but not having the time to make one every morning. Instead, I seem to keep punishing my bank account on the reg with $13 smoothies.

What if you could make a smoothie the night before and it stayed just as fresh for hours as the exact minute you made it? It might sound like witchcraft, but it’s possible, thanks to a new vacuum-sealed blender that is bound and determined to make your life easier.

If eating healthier or eating more greens is your resolution, this Ninja FreshVac Blender, $99, might be your new best friend.

As you know in smoothie 101, the most important factor is the ingredients that go into your blender, but it turns out that the inevitable oxygen exposure that happens when you use a traditional blender can sabotage some of your good smoothie intentions. Your fruits and veggies begin to break down after being cut, as visually seen with their oxidized brown tone, but it also affects the flavor, the texture, and even the nutrients of your fresh foods. Now imagine what happens over the course of an hour or two or even overnight. The smoothie becomes practically inedible. That’s where this blender comes in by pumping out oxygen and vacuum-sealing your juice, meaning you can make a concoction before bed, put it in the fridge overnight, and open it at 8 a.m. for a juice that’s just as fresh as when you first blended it.

I don’t mean to sound like an infomercial here, but it’s super easy to use. You put all your ingredients in the blender, hit that one-touch, “FreshVac Pump” to suck out the air, blend, and then pat yourself on the back while it rests until you’re ready to consume it. If you’re making something just for yourself, you can blend one in the smaller to-go vessel, which is somewhat similar to Magic Bullet. If you’re making smoothies in bulk or for friends or loved ones, then use the full-size blender, which has the exact same vacuum-sealed technology. You simply throw in the ingredients, pump out the air, blend, and then allow the smoothie within the air-sealed pitcher to chill in the fridge. It’s also great for cocktails, ice cream, soups, and dips.

In 2019, I’m pledging to spend less on wasteful everyday items ($13 smoothies!) and consume more greens, which makes my attachment to this Ninja blender even stronger. If you don’t need your smoothies in advance, though, and are more of a grownup than me and can blend them in the a.m., try out the Nutri Ninja Personal Blender, $65, which has incredible ratings on Amazon (as does the Oster My Blend, $18). Really don’t want to cut corners with your smoothies? Well, then, give the impeccable Vitamix Blender, $249, a go—and can you make one for me too? (Will you put ashwagandha in it, too?)

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