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We need to talk about natural deodorants—more specifically, about the greatest natural deodorant. But first, we need to back up and discuss the uses and benefits of switching over to the au naturel.

Why natural?

There have been building concerns over the potential dangerous side effects of aluminum and chemicals in deodorant. On top of these possible dangers, these ingredients can also often be irritating and drying to the skin, thanks to their long list of complicated ingredients.

You won’t smell.

No one wants to sweat through one’s shirt or smell like a goat. But thankfully, gone are the days of stinky and potent-scented natural deodorants. Rose scents that actually smell like a fresh rose? Yep. Jasmine tea scents that smell like a freshly-brewed cup of herbal goodness? I don’t know how they did it, but absolutely. Earthy blends that mix vetiver and cedar wood for a natural scent that’s worthy of being bottled up? It exists.

So, here’s what to expect.

I’m going to give it to you straight: If you’re switching from antiperspirants to natural deodorants, there is such a thing as “underarm detox,” which occurs when the body transitions away from chemicals that have clogged the sweat glands.

Once you start using only natural deodorant, you can expect a potential increase in sweating, odor, and sensitivity as your system basically flushes. Each person is different—it might not happen at all, or it could last days or weeks. In the end, you’re still going to sweat—that’s natural and healthy—but the mineral-derived powders in natural formulas will help with absorbing the wetness.

But do they work?

Yes. It’s brilliant—but you need the right one. After a year of testing, I can’t stop talking about one particular brand to everyone—family, co-workers, even strangers on the street.

This is the one.

Schmidt’s Naturals is perfect, and you’re going to fall in love. It lasts all day long—seriously, I’ve even stopped mid-day deodorant reapplications, which I just assumed were part of the deal with natural deodorants. The scents are brilliant and complex, and the formulas are incredibly moisturizing.

What makes Schmidt’s formula so different is the fact that it’s actually absent of water. H2O is great for keeping us hydrated, but it isn’t exactly known for its ability to neutralize odor or absorb sweat.

So, what ingredients does Schmidt’s have? A long list of multitaskers. Arrowroot absorbs excess moisture, and is ultra calming to the skin. Coconut oil heals, hydrates, encourages cell turnover, and brightens skin discolorations. And baking soda balances skin’s pH levels, which makes it highly antibacterial.

Each scent is derived from essential oils and mineral blends. The Coal + Magnesium scent (my favorite) is boosted by actual magnesium and sodium bicarbonate. These powerful ingredients not only keep moisture and bacteria at bay, but they also give the deodorant an indescribable, freshly-fallen rain scent.

Schmidt’s was created by Jaime Schmidt in 2010, in a Portland, Oregon kitchen (bless her). “Schmidt’s Naturals is driven by a vision of quality, functionality, and accessibility,” says Schmidt. “We believe everyone deserves access to healthy and effective products, no matter who you are or where you live. We select only high-performing ingredients that contribute to product effectiveness, leaving out the unnecessary stuff.”

Oh, and the deodorant sticks last for months, go on clear, and cost between $9 and $11. I can’t recommend them enough—in fact, please excuse me. I’m off to go tell more strangers on the street about it.

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