Walmart Low Key Has Some Really Great Wellness Products

Color us shocked, actually.
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Sure, you might head to Walmart to stock up on summer BBQ supplies, or for your back-to-school shopping, or for some baller lamps, but what about your wellness needs? Would you head to Walmart for organic tampons or essential oils or even a healing salt lamp? Well, you should from here on out, because a) they have free, quick shipping, and b) the lowest prices on most products, and finally c) have majorly extended their wellness offerings. Here, we found the best wellness buys for you and your home—you’ll be psyched you grabbed them, trust us.

Every Woman Multivitamin Tablets, New Chapter, $13.17

Longing for long, healthy hair, but don’t know where to start? Start here, with this multivitamin, which we discovered before can safely make hair grow, Rapunzel-esque.

“I’ve watched people take this regular women’s vitamin, and for some reason, hair grows like crazy,” says hairstylist Liz Rim.

Non-Chlorine Bleached Tampons, Rael Certified Organic, $6.99

As we have previously discussed, using non-traditional tampons is so important. Especially because we have no idea what’s in the cotton in our tampons: The FDA does not require manufacturers to provide the ingredients used in making tampons—yikes, how is that even possible?! In short, organic tampons are produced with cotton that is grown without chemicals, while traditional tampons have no rules for how cotton is grown.

It wasn’t always easy to find organic tampons through and used to require some pre-planning to get them directly from the seller, but they’ve gone mainstream, and you can find them at most big box retailers. And at Walmart, you can get high-quality, safe tampons on deliver, and on the cheap ($6.99 for a pack of 16 is super incredible!).

Mineral SPF 50 Sunscreen Spray, Bare Republic, $18.96

Gone are the days of searching far and wide for clean, mineral sunscreen (it’s better for you and the Earth). Hop on over to Walmart and grab this Bare Republic one, which comes in a convenient spray dispenser and a variety of summer-approved scents.

Aromatic Diffuser, Nesco, $43.68

Yo, Walmart, quality essential oils and diffusers? Yes, thank you! It’s no secret we’re a huge fan of essential oils (especially after finding out about some epic hacks), but our favorite way to use them is still diffusing. This white oak diffuser would blend into a room beautifully, while imparting your space with your favorite essential oil—we’re partial to lavender.

HEPA Allergen Remover, Honeywell, $146.57

Got allergies? Germs bringing you down? Odors galore? Yep, well, this allergen-removing, air-purifying, HEPA filter is here to save the day, and your space. It’s built for a large room (but if you call a New York studio home, this will take care of your whole space). It cleans and freshens the air by drawing in airborne pollutants: The HEPA filter captures small particles (like dust, pollen, pet dander, smoke, and mold spores—yuck), and then filters and cleans the air, and circulates it back into the room.  

Charcoal + Magnesium Deodorant, Schmidt’s, $4.72

Natural deodorant! It’s great now (no more funky smelling offerings that barely worked)! And anytime you can reduce your chemical interactions is a good thing, but especially when it involves deodorant. We’re huge fans of Schmidt’s and especially their Charcoal Magnesium deo. Big. Huge. Love so much.  

Multi Surface Cleaner, The Honest Company, $13.99

No need to wipe up spills and around the home with toxic chemicals, welcome to 2018 (and Walmart) where clean cleaning products work amazingly. The plant-based cleaner can cut through dirt, grime, and grease in your home, while still being clean and green.

Dead Sea Salt Mineral Bath, Earth Therapeutics, $13.85

Taking a soak not only feels great, it can heal muscle soreness and ailments, especially when you use mineral sea salt. No need to be shy with this bottle, throw in the whole container if you are feeling especially achy and sore.

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