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Photography by Cody Guilfoyle

How many times have you spent $20 on a single cocktail or a lipstick or plate of pasta? Probably way more than you want to admit. But how many times have you spent $20 a tube of toothpaste? Right. That’s because we seem to prioritize luxury in all things but our dental care, but the industry has recently taken a rather chic turn. From coconut threaded floss to chic, slim toothbrushes to artisanal toothpaste, the age of high-end dentistry has arrived.

Thus, I found myself dropping $21 on a tube of Lebon toothpaste—albeit a very special tube. Not only is it free of chemicals and toxic ingredients, but it’s also handmade in the same factory as Chanel No. 5. It’s the creme de la creme of

French toothpaste

. And boy has it elevated my teeth game. Not only do my teeth feel clean, they feel French and fancy—très chic.

Lebon is handmade in the south of France, in Grasse (aka the world’s capital of perfume) with certified organic aloe vera and green tea, which naturally prevent bacterial growth, plaque formation, cavities, and protect gums. On top of being cruelty-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free, fluoride-free, and titanium dioxide-free, Lebon is naturally sweetened with Stevia Rebaudiana, a natural cavity fighter. Lebon does, after all, translate to “no compromises,” which is exactly the brand’s point of view: Why should we have to compromise quality and ethicalness when it comes to our dental care?

Photography by Anthropologie

But what makes Lebon really stand out, and be impossibly French, is the artisanal, uniquely flavored blends. From Sweet Extravagance (a blend of luxe rose and orange blossom with hints of mint) to Une Piscine a Antibes (sweet licorice blended with mint) to the simple but fresh Cap Ferrat Mood (just fresh mint), it elevates the practice of brushing your teeth, and brings you on a mental vacation for those two minutes twice a day. I find that the beautiful packaging and unique flavors really encourage me to be more mindful and appreciative while doing such a mundane task, which is exactly why I keep purchasing Lebon.

I was reminded recently when at my parent’s home in Texas that not all clean toothpastes are created equally. I had convinced my mom last year to switch to chemical-free toothpaste. I’d made my case with her (not dad, dad is very stuck in his ways, ignore him for this story) with one particular toothpaste I love that you can grab at any Whole Foods.

But when I returned months after the switch, I discovered she had been using a different brand, which is totally fine, but this clean toothpaste consistency was ugh, and the flavors were meh, and don’t make me talk about it, it was a bad experience. Nope, not all toothpastes are created equally at all, which is why this one is really special actually.

Lebon was created by a husband and wife duo, Stephanie (an art historian) and Richard Pallacci (cosmetics pharmacist and plant medicine doctor), who were inspired to make toothpaste more unique, design-focused and “pleasurable” as they say. Each flavor is meant to transport you while you brush.

“We want it to be healthy, tasty, sexy—but in that order,” says Stephanie. For tasty, they believe you should mix and match your toothpaste according to your mood. “You don’t eat and drink the same thing everyday, and it’s the same thing for what other things you bring to your mouth, because it’s where you taste.” For sexy, the packaging should be good-looking in your cabinet, even though it’s simply a dental product.

Four years after inception, Lebon now has six flavors, with more to follow soon.

Interested in dipping your toe into artisanal toothpastes before pulling the trigger on Lebon? Try out Boka for sleek packaging, or the beloved Davids. Even Schmidt’s, our favorite clean deodorant company has joined the clean toothpaste game, with uniquely flavored blends.

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