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The basics of a morning and nighttime routine can be paired down to a few simple products, one of which is toothpaste. While you can’t deny that toothpaste is a purely functional item, a handful of brands have quietly evolved the cabinet staple. Can you use a $2 toothpaste from CVS? Sure. Can you also gain an appreciation for life’s little moments and elevate the twice-a-day chore? Absolutely. With that in mind, we’re making a case for buying cool, well-designed toothpaste that’ll make you look forward to those two minutes of brushing.

Turns out, we’re not the one who has noticed this trend. “Dentistry is really in vogue these days, people are really interested,” says Dr. Jennifer Plotnick of Instagram-famous Grand Street Dental. These four next-gen toothpaste brands are proof.

Wildist, $7

The just-launched brand is entirely built around being clean and transparent. Many “natural” companies disguise toxic ingredients by hiding them under “fragrance” or “flavor”, but Wildist is committed to listing every single ingredient clearly on their packaging. The brand has worked hard to create products that foam up well and taste interesting, encased in packaging that looks like a work of art. Choose between Brillimint (mint, ginseng and white tea flavored), Dreamomile (activated charcoal and chamomile to whiten naturally as you sleep), and Soothinger (turmeric and ginger for an unexpected flavor twist).

Linhart, $12

We recently re-discovered our love for orange and haven’t turned back—medicine cabinet included. If you love French designer Philippe Starck (and his design passion of sneaking a touch of vibrant orange into every single room he designs), then you’ll definitely appreciate this bold orange tube.

The mix of fluoride (Dr. Plotnick reminded us that some people really do need it), powerful cavity preventer xylitol, and aloe vera combine for a knockout brushing experience. It also includes theobromine, which is an extract of cocoa beans, to help strengthen enamel.

It’s worth noting that the paste nicely foams up for a pleasant experience, while still being gentle enough for sensitive teeth. The brand is a family affair, too, created by father and son NYC cosmetic dentists Dr. Jan Linhart and Dr. Zachary Linhart—meaning it’s most definitely dentist-approved, too.


PRNCPLS’ mission is to create the cleanest toothpaste, with the “dopest” packaging, so think of it as the toothpaste your dream surfer boyfriend would probably use. The brand launched last year, but it’s still only focused on one thing and one thing only: a clean, fluoride-free, charcoal toothpaste that actually feels nice when used. Not only does their toothpaste packaging look rad, with a surfboard design-esque look, it’s also focused on giving you the highest quality natural ingredients. That means activated charcoal from sustainable coconut shells, pure peppermint essential oils, and antifungal tea tree oil to fight plaque. Toothpaste with a purpose? Consider it sold.

Lebon, $21

Created in the same South of France factory as Chanel No. 5’s fragrances, this toothpaste tastes as good as it performs. Flavor is an important differentiator for Lebon, because this brand is for the adventurer. Choose from flavors like Tropical Crush (pineapple, rooibos and mint), Fearless Freedom (“intense” blackcurrant and fresh mint), and Rhythm Is Love (Asian yuzu, ylang-ylang, and mint).

If you believe adventure is the spice of life, then Lebon is the toothpaste for you. Bonus points for their newer, bolder collection (like the aforementioned Fearless Freedom), which has whitening capabilities in them—making brighter teeth more ethical and flavorful from here on out.