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Celebrity designer Nathan Turner has made a name for himself by combining his passions for design and entertaining into everything he does. His original storefront featured a full kitchen for hosting on-site dinner parties, he starred in Bravo’s Million Dollar Decorators, and he now hosts a cooking series on The Designer Network called Snack Chat, where he brings in fellow designers to bond over a shared love of food. His LA-based store serves up gorgeous pieces and endless design inspo, all infused with his signature California style.

Nathan is bringing that signature style to a wallpaper collaboration with Wallshoppe. The line features fun, playful prints in several colorways that are sure to spice up any space. The eco-friendly and non-toxic wallpapers also come as removable panels, so if you’re in the market for an accent wall or considering temporarily upgrading a room, look no further.

We caught up with Nathan to learn about the inspiration behind the collection and get his take on the year’s upcoming wallpaper trends.

What inspired the collection?

Wallpaper should have an impact; if you’re going for something subdued then just paint. That said, I wanted to have fun with color and create fun, cheerful papers.

What are the dominant motifs present in the line?

Definitely a bright California vibe to things: a little nautical, a little tropical.

How would you describe your style, and how is that reflected in the wallpapers you design?

Having started in the design world with an antique shop, my style is really anchored in the love of found things —furniture and decorative pieces. I favor a collected look. Homes that reflect the people who live in them.

Did you have a specific room in mind when designing any of the prints?

When designing the papers I’d really think about where they could go. I’d look at them and think, this would be great in a laundry room, but another colorway is a bit more dramatic and could be great in a bathroom… I think they have versatility.

What’s your favorite print from the collection?

I love the Pacifico Palm print with the pastel backgrounds; it feels like the 80s in a great way. I also love the Malibu. We hand drew all of my favorite things about living there.

What are the wallpaper trends you see on the rise?

Wallpaper is having a moment. I think people are seeing how easy it is to add a lot to a room with little effort, and now there is removable paper as well. All our designs are available in traditional wallpaper and removable. And it’s paper, not the vinyl stuff they first started making. I think that option really allows people to take risks and make bold choices, as it can be temporary. Put it up for a few months, then change when you feel like it. I’ve even put them up for parties!