The prolific Los Angeles–based designer values timeless style, but his interiors are far from safe or staid. Sikes sees rooms as a canvas for patterns, and he uses wallpaper liberally in his projects: on ceilings, above chair rails, wrapped around staircases, and framed with papered borders. “I love the historic interiors of Renzo Mongiardino from the 20th century in Europe. His hand-painted murals are a great source of inspiration,” says Sikes. His eclectic, globe-trotting references lend his interiors a storied sensibility that feels custom made for each project. Call it tradition with a twist.

Mark’s Picks:

1. ZANZIBAR TRELLIS by Schumacher  2. PERSEPOLIS by Quadrille  3. MARIE WALLPAPER by Les Indiennes  4. TUDOR by Thibaut  5. IZNIK by Iksel Decorative Arts 6. LEANDRE by Pierre Frey  7. CAROLINE STREET by Gracie Studio 

Pro Tip: Play Up Prints

“Don’t shy away from using the same pattern all over a room. I love matching curtains and upholstery to a wallpaper. It creates a cohesive point of view. Go with a small print on the ceiling to add dimension and color to a space, or get creative and take one single panel and have it framed, so the pattern becomes a piece of art.”