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Artist Nell Waters Bernegger has been painting ever since she began studying art in college. Initially, while under the impression that making a living as an artist would be less than likely, Bernegger believed that painting would encompass more of a passion, rather than a career. After graduating with a BFA in painting, Bernegger considered a career in art therapy and began taking courses with that goal in mind. With time, (as well as with the birth of her three very adorable children!) Bernegger’s pursuit of that endeavor was put on the back burner as her focus shifted to her growing family. Feeling inspired and a need for a more personal outlet, Bernegger began painting more than ever. This encouraged a newfound confidence, which in turn drove Bernegger to share her art with others. Today, Bernegger resides in her hometown in Connecticut, with her husband and their three sons. Here, she touches on all that inspires and drives her creativity. Take a look!

  1. WHERE DO YOU FEEL MOST INSPIRED? I’m most inspired when I’m in the studio painting and listening to music. It’s where my ideas can grow and where I have the time to get lost in my work.
  1. HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR PERSONAL STYLE? I’m a minimalist. We recently moved to a new home and pared down the decor to what we really love and need. I painted all the rooms white to keep the space simple and appreciative of their contents. My home features a mix of formal antiques from various cultures and contemporary, Scandinavian pieces.
  1. WHAT MAKES A HOME BEAUTIFUL? A beautiful home needs sunlight, a comfortable space for everyone to be together, lots of plants, décor that reflects one’s true self, organization, good food, laughter, peace, and great people!
  1. WHAT’S YOUR MOST PRIZED POSSESSION? A book made by my husband for my 40th birthday, home movies of my kids, their artwork, and the precious cards they’ve made for me throughout the years.
  1. ON WHAT ITEMS DO YOU SCRIMP? Everything! With three boys, a dog, and the occasional art supply disaster, things tend to wear out fast!
  1. ON WHAT DO YOU SPLURGE? I don’t mind splurging on a good pair of jeans or shoes because that is essentially my uniform! My latest splurge was two years ago, on a Devon Woodhill gold locket, which now holds pictures of my kids. It’s truly meaningful and I never take it off.
  1. WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE TRAVEL DESTINATION? Every August, we take a family trip to Newport, Rhode Island. It’s so beautiful and never disappoints. The fact that it’s our own family tradition is what makes it so special.