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Meet Maja Cunningham, Minted + domino’s Featured Monthly Artist!


It was not until after Maja Cunningham became a mother that she realized her (second) biggest dream of all: venturing into the art world. With over two decades of working within the architectural industry, Cunningham made the difficult decision to switch fields. Years later, the talented artist has emerged with an impressive repertoire of stunning pieces, each displaying her powerful imagination and sense of wanderlust. Here, Cunningham touches on the joys of rediscovery and the happiness of having creative freedom.

WHERE DO YOU FEEL MOST INSPIRED? The energy of a big city is electrifying to me, where its sounds and colors always instill an inspirational jolt within me. On the other hand, I love exploring the outdoors with my son. Seeing things in nature for the first time through his eyes is beyond anything I have ever experienced. The story of these moments are what translate most to my art.

HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR PERSONAL STYLE? Simple and timeless with a hint of romance.

WHAT MAKES A HOME BEAUTIFUL? Natural light makes everything more beautiful! Although the true marking of a beautiful home would have to be the love and laughter that comes from within.

WHAT DO YOU LOVE MOST ABOUT BEING AN ARTIST? The creative freedom of it along with the happiness it gives me to know that so many children will grow up surrounded by it.

WHAT IS YOUR MOST PRIZED POSSESSION? My grandmother’s earrings. They are the only physical item I have of hers. It’s a constant reminder of how much love and time spent with your loved ones trumps all else. The memories we create now are what will matter to us and our children the most.

ON WHAT ITEMS DO YOU SCRIMP? Dishes! They tend to break too frequently.

ON WHAT ITEMS DO YOU SPLURGE? Good lighting fixtures and rugs! I love thick, plush, handmade rugs. My husband says I have an obsession. He may or may not be right.

WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE TRAVEL DESTINATION? Anywhere along the Croatian Adriatic. It’s where I spent my vacations as a child, and later re-discovered it with my husband.