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Though this is far from Matthew Williamson’s first foray into furniture and decor, his designs created for CB2 are definitely the most accessible to his stateside fans. The designer’s collaboration, a capsule collection called “Matthew Williamson for CB2”, officially launched October 1 and has been years in the making. Maximalists beware. Full of vibrant colors and fun, tropical-inspired prints, these home accessories and statement pieces are sure to inspire. We sat down with the iconic designer to get all the details.

This blue-printed sofa comes complete with brass legs and speaks to Williamson’s love of pattern. He told us, “People always say we’re scared, there’s this fear of it, which I find hard to grasp because I’m scared of black and white.”

avec apartment sofa with brass legs, $1,999.00; cb2.com

This chair is covered in the same, vibrantly-colored fabric as the sofa. We imagine it bringing the perfect color pop to any room, whether it’s in an office, dining room, or living area.

mother amazon dining chair, $449; cb2.com

When we asked Williamson about incorporating his colorful designs into a more minimalistic space, he suggested bringing little bits in. For example, trying a patterned bedspread and leaving other accents in solid colors, or adding a printed pillow to an otherwise solid-colored space.

butterfly wheel teal bed linens, $59.95 – $149; cb2.com (also available in black and white!)

A pair of stacked side tables never looked so good. We especially love the bamboo detailing and electric blue shade of the agate-like finish on the taller table.

bronze bamboo bunching side table, $349; cb2.com atol bamboo bunching side table, $329; cb2.com butterfly table lamp, $159; cb2.com

Both the flamingo and parrot stoneware accessories are a few of Williamson’s ever-changing favorites from the collection.

When asked the aesthetic of his collection, he said, “I’d describe it as a celebration of what my brand is known for: a glamorous, exotic, whimsical collection. It’s intention is to make people feel happy and smile. No one needs a flamingo, but hey, why not? It’s meant to be optimistic and fun and pieces that will be talking points within a space.”

flamingo catchall, $29.95; cb2.com parrot, $19.95; cb2.com

His other favorites? These unique candelabras that could easily blend into and simultaneously stand out in a more minimalist space.

He said of the designs, “I just think that’s a good example of that fusion of ornate, decorative but actually quite simple and clean, graphic.”

peacock black candelabra, $99.95; cb2.com palm tree gold taper candle holder; $49.95; cb2.com

Other fun, affordable, smaller pieces from the collection include everything you need for a stylish tea break. We’re especially fond of the bright purple teapot that has almost a matte finish, which is thanks to its silicone over porcelain design.

lizzy royal purple teapot, $14.95; cb2.com white teacup with rainbow snake saucer, $9.95; cb2.com peacock hearts teapot, $19.95; cb2.com

Williamson noted the peacock and its feathers as a mains source of inspiration for the capsule collection—and we’re absolutely loving the colors and level of detail present in this throw.

He said, “Looking at it now, it’s definitely got a tropical quality. I guess that’s one of the cornerstones of my work, that it’s intentionally meant to be escapist, exotic, and bring a bit of that sort of tropical feel to an urban interior.”

peacock linen throw, $179; cb2.com

No collection would be complete without an array of stylish throw pillows… And a rainbow snake rug and pouf.

rainbow snake rug, $299 – $599; cb2.com rainbow snake pouf, $199; cb2.com rainbow snake with tassels 18″x12″ pillow, $34.95; cb2.com mother amazon linen 23″ pillow, $69.95; cb2.com butterfly wheel teal with tassels 20″ pillow, cb2.com butterfly wheel black and white 20″ pillow, $59.95; cb2.com peacock hearts with tassels 18″ pillow, $49.95; cb2.com

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