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When it comes to kitchen countertops, quartz, marble, and granite are the go-tos. We’ve seen them in every shade of white and gray. And yes, while there are plenty of spaces that experiment with the rainbow (from red laminate to green tile to inky soapstone), it takes a lot to surprise us these days. So when we were scrolling through Instagram earlier this week and got a peek of Mark Ruffalo’s unconventional kitchen, we stopped mid-swipe. In addition to two stately cats standing guard, we spotted a countertop and backsplash covered in unlacquered brass. The 13 Going on 30 actor and his wife, Sunny, owner of homewares shop Sunny’s Pop, seem to have a proclivity for the alloy, too—it makes another appearance nearby, framing the fireplace

Courtesy of Mark Ruffalo / @markruffalo

Ruffalo is not the only celebrity embracing this metal in the cooking zone in a big way. Jenna Lyons loves the bold look, too. In a separate post, she shared that the brass patinas beautifully over time, confirming that this material only gets better with age. She also tipped off followers that using sea salt water on the finish will kick-start the aging process and soften the glow after it is first installed. As for maintenance, she says, “The only product I’ve found that actually works is Bar Keepers Friend.”

If doubling down on brass surfaces and walls is too much for you, there are other ways to bring this shining statement into your space. You can cover the fronts of your cabinets in it or use sheeting around the base of your island for a grounding accent with sheen. With this lively finish, your kitchen will never lose its luster.