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Fixer Upper fans, listen up: We have the best news. No, unfortunately the beloved show isn’t coming back (although we have a spinoff, cookbook, and restaurant to look forward to shortly), but we have reason to believe this piece of news will get you just as excited. For two days only, Chip and Jo’s beloved home decor brand, Magnolia Market, is offering some insane discounts on everything from furniture to lifestyle items.

The catch? You’ll have to go to Waco, Texas, to take advantage of this. These discounts are part of Magnolia Market’s fourth warehouse sale, which will take place on Friday, January 26, and Saturday, January 27, from 7am to 5pm at Extraco Events Center, just 15 minutes away from the Silos.

And trust us: It seems navigating the crowds will be well worth it. According to the sale-focused page on the company’s site, shoppers will be able to snag products seen on the epic show, get steep discounts on refurbished and slightly damaged products, and even be able to ship their furniture home.

In order to fight the crazy lines of people who will (inevitably) show up, the company recommends showing up early and making use of the sale’s two entrances—one will be for furniture, while the other will be for home decor items as well as items already on sale (which means, don’t buy that chic wooden stand from the sale page just yet!). While the company already offers some items for sale on their website, a whole warehouse filled with them is definitely something we can get behind.

While we’re not sure exactly how steep the discounts will go or what exactly will be offered, we have some ideas—okay, maybe more like wishful thoughts—in mind: For instance, the wood and metal basket would look great storing our magazines in the living room, and we’re all for this minimalist take on vases.

But even if you can’t head to Waco to take advantage of the sale, you can still shop the duo’s affordable collaboration with Target—Hearth & Hand With Magnolia just released their new spring collection, and it’s super dreamy. Maybe save your trip to Waco to try Joanna’s famous biscuits instead?

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