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Luke Edward Hall is a bit of a rare bird. Though only in his mid-twenties, the London-based designer and illustrator has already cultivated an aesthetic that is all his own. In addition to a brief stint dealing antiques through his company Fox & Flyte, Luke’s unique eye has landed him styling gigs with Christie’s and famed interior designer Ben Pentreath. This must-watch talent has recently launched a growing line of housewares including painterly textiles and neoclassical art prints.

Take a tour inside Luke’s well collected home and get his tips on how to score the best finds at your local flea market.

YOUR HOME CURRENTLY DOUBLES AS YOUR STUDIO, TELL US ABOUT YOUR VISION FOR THE SPACE. I’m about to set up my own small studio space a few streets away from my apartment in North London, which is exciting. I must admit, I’m looking forward to getting all of my materials and equipment out of our living space! For the past couple of years we’ve been living with countless boxes of paints and brushes stored under tables and rolls of fabric propped up behind doors. Our home itself changes fairly often – we’re always adding things or taking things away. I’d like to paint the walls of our living room pink, I think, but maybe in the spring. Dark green is a nice colour to live with in the winter.

HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR AESTHETIC? I always describe my aesthetic in the same way: ‘Greco-Roman meets crumbling English country house with a dash of Palm Springs.’ I apply this aesthetic to my work as well as to my home. I love the classical world – from its architecture and art to its myths and legends. My home however is England, and England inspires me to no end. I love our countryside, our folklore, our charming, dusty old houses. But I also love swimming pools, mid-century architecture and palm trees – hence the Palm Springs element. I try to combine all of my inspirations and produce work that is very personal. Color is my big thing – I love color and I use it liberally in all that I do.

WHAT MAKES A HOME BEAUTIFUL? A beautiful home is a beautiful home because the way it looks and feels is a reflection of its owner. My favorite interiors are those that are over the top and totally eccentric, because they’ve been put together by people who are themselves over the top and totally eccentric.

WHAT IS YOUR MOST PRIZED POSSESSION? At the moment: my new leather card wallet, which was given to me for my birthday. It’s bright yellow and has my initials hand-painted on the front in pink and green. Also a very beautiful ceramic anchovy that I picked up on the Amalfi Coast this past summer.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE TRAVEL DESTINATION? Italy, always. For the food, the culture, the cities, the rolling hills, and the sparkling sea. But mainly for the food. I adore Italy.

WHERE DO YOU FEEL THE MOST INSPIRED? When I’m traveling, I always feel inspired. At home, I’ll surround myself with my books and my treasures – I’ll always find inspiration in those. I’ll have music playing too. Music will send me into a funny kind of trance, which I’m quite sure I need to be in to do my best work.

WHAT DO YOU LOOK FOR WHEN SHOPPING FOR ANTIQUES? At markets – vases, nice old plates for my plant pots, mugs, mirrors, pictures with interesting frames. I like Italian furniture from the 50s and the English aesthetic movement. At the moment I’m eyeing up a pair of Georgian Irish mirrors bordered with blocks of rock crystal and blue glass – very beautiful!

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