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When you hear the phrase landscape art, your mind might immediately jump to the work of the Hudson Valley artists like Thomas Cole or maybe some Impressionist paintings by Monet. As much as these pieces differ from one another, they do tend to follow the same general guidelines. They showcase a stretch of nature, and do so in hues that more or less reflect how it appears in real life. But our favorite versions challenge the status quo: When it comes to color palettes, they eschew realism for something far more exciting.

Perennially pink skies and ultra-saturated teal water might not be the most accurate, but they make landscape prints feel refreshingly contemporary. Just take a look at some of our favorites, below, and you might come away with a new appreciation for the great outdoors that you can channel into your gallery wall.

The Colorful Summit

alphine art print
Alpine Art Print, Society6 ($27)

We imagine reaching the top of a seemingly insurmountable mountain would feel just as exciting as Danse de Lune’s rainbow print.


The Icy Horizon

Arctic Ice
Arctic Ice, Minted ($104)

Warm ochre and turquoise are always a winning pair, but especially in Caryn Owen’s soothing, Alaska-inspired landscape. 

The Cloudy Canyon

Canyon Blue
Canyon Blue, Minted ($100)

The cloudy pastel sky and rust-red terrain in Alison Jerry’s painting look like they were pulled straight out of a dream. 

The Linear Thinker

Lines in the mountains
Lines in the Mountain, Society6 ($24)

The striped slopes in this print by Vivi Gonzales present a dynamic take on traditional landscape art. And yes, years later, we still love a good millennial pink moment.

The After-Dark Special

Sonoran Desert
Sonoran Desert, Etsy ($26)

You don’t need a sunrise or sunset to make a pretty landscape. In fact, you don’t need any sun at all, as this groovy desert scene by Art and People proves.


The Midsummer Scene

Mid-Summertime, Minted ($100)

You know that feeling you get before it’s about to start raining on a hot July day, but you had no plans of leaving your home anyway? That’s what this print by Emily Jeffords inspires: total bliss.

The Simple Seascape

Santa Cruz Seascape #2
Santa Cruz Seascape #2, Minted ($104)

With a color scheme inspired by the California coast, this pared-back landscape by Caryn Owen is as relaxing as a day on a private beach.

The ’80s Interpretation

Tahoma Art Print
Tahoma Art Print, Society6 ($23)

There’s something wonderfully retro about 8PXL’s pixelated art. The pink and blue sky in this print is like something out of an old video game.

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