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After learning my fifteen year old stepson was moving in with us permanently, I knew I had to create a space that was his.  Not having an extra room to spare, I gave up my office and turned a pretty, feminine space into one that a teenage boy would approve of.  A mini man cave if you will. By taking all of the walls to black, adding in natural elements, incorporating flea market finds, and other items we already had lying around the house, I was able to create a design for him that speaks to his own personal style.

I encourage everyone to search or hunt their current surroundings with an open mind when creating a new space.  For example, I knew I wanted a white rug in this black room.  But all I had was a black rug…So, I flipped the woven rug upside down and allowed the reverse to be the visible side.  It had the same construction and provided the exact look I was intending without having to go out and make a new purchase.  The same goes for the headboard.  I cut down some pine boards we had leftover from another project and took the sander to them to give the Live Edge Inspired look.  This headboard is something none of his friends will have and really sets the tone for the entire room.