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Turntables, spice racks, drawer dividers, and humble baskets are tried-and-true methods for organizing a kitchen. But not all containers are created equal, as we recently learned from browsing Neat Method’s new assortment of storage staples. Good looks are just one part of the equation—what the thing is made out of and how long it’s actually going to last are arguably more important. To give you an idea: Cofounders Ashley Murphy and Marissa Hagmeyer went as far as designing labels that are repositionable, so in the likely case that you place it on a jar crooked, you can try again. We asked the pros to pinpoint the features we should all be paying attention to when shopping in the organization aisle. 

Waterproof Labels 

Pantry Label Set
Pantry Label Set, Neat Method ($45)

Decanting your ingredients and carefully labeling each to create a cohesive look is only worth your time if your beautiful cursive writing isn’t going to rub off a few weeks later. These are printed on water-resistant vinyl that adheres to glass, plastic, and metal, so even condensation from the refrigerator or spillage that happens around the sink won’t get to them. 


Square Silhouettes 

Matte Brass Spice Jar Set
Spice Jar Sets, Neat Method ($25)

If you’re relegating your spices to a drawer, opt for square bottles over round ones (your paprika won’t roll around). “The size of our labels makes it possible for them to go in cabinets, too [they fit on the side or on top of the lid],” says Murphy. 

Rubber Feet 

Acaica Expandable Multi Purpose Drawer Insert
Acacia Drawer Inserts, Neat Method ($38)

The expandable drawer inserts and dividers feature rubber stoppers on the bottom, so you’ll always find your utensils in the same place you last left them. 

Powder-Coated Finishes


Matte Grey Grid Basket_all sizes
Grid Baskets, Neat Method ($22)

Powder-coated metal and hardy acacia are the main materials used in the collection for good reason: They can withstand everyday wear and touch. “Kitchens and pantries get more daily activity than most other spaces,” says Hagmeyer. More important: The removable wood bottoms of the baskets ensure no snacks fall through the cracks. 

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