16 kilim rugs that are NOT pink

colorful kilims for anyone who can't quite get into pink.

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The perfect spot to enjoy a morning coffee? How about on this bold, burnt orange kilim.

This blue-green kilim rug adds a bit of color to an otherwise sterile kitchen.

Accentuate the color of a kilim rug by adding a few color-coordinated accents within the room. For example, this royal blue rug is an effortless complement to the pillows on the sofa.

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kilim rugs

one can never really have too many of these stunning patterns!

Looking for a rug that doesn’t contradict your room’s preexisting color palette? Opt for a sophisticated black and white kilim — orange fringe optional.

For the kitchen in need of color, there’s no better way to incorporate some in than with a statement kilim much like this gorgeous red variety.

Kilim rugs can easily blend in with just about any bohemian aesthetic, much like this rustic floor piece.

A pink kilim has nothing on this sea blue. This rug in particular makes the whole nursery come alive!

This bright orange kilim is playful and inviting — everything a kid’s room should be! Bonus points for the stylish tipi reading nook.

Forget buying multiple rugs for your bathroom, all you really need is one long kilim!

Okay, so this kilim has some pink hues in it, but we couldn’t help ourselves! We’re absolutely crazy about the dark blue center of this decorative kitchen piece.

Take an eye-catching purple kilim to the stairs for some much-needed color!

While a pink kilim rug would have overpowered this space, this orange statement piece is far more laid back and gives the entire room a relaxed yet put-together feel.

This black and white patterned kilim is everything that is right in this bedroom.

Three words: Red. Kilim. Rug.

A dark blue and light peach kilim runner is always a good idea, especially when it comes to mostly-white kitchens.